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Reviving Original Ecomm Site, Photo Shoot, and more!

In blog, business, e-commerce, Events, vlog by Michael Michelini

Saturday afternoon and the hustle and grind never stops – we have been preparing for a photo shoot for one of our main brands on Amazon – Esatto Products – and made it a fun little event at the same time.

As we keep plowing through the ecommerce “gladiator” arena on Amazon, we realize we must go to multi-channels, and it is a great excuse for me to push ahead one of the first ecommerce shops (well one that got meaningful revenue, a lot of failures leading up to it) – New York Bar Store.

I am sure my old school friends and blog readers recall NYBS – started in late 2004 while I was working on Wall Street in NYC – looking to start a business. The blood, sweat, and tears over the years on this shop, the school of hard knocks.

But we have managed to keep it online all those years (after a few exchanges of hands) and on the back burner for bringing back to “life” as a B2C website.

Seems mid 2024 is the year to finally do so.

As for now, we just send the traffic to the various Amazon stores and listings instead of the ecommerce shopping cart – we are re-building the shopping cart now.

While I wish the cart was ready for this blog post – expect it to turn back alive in the next month or so.

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