No Excuses

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No Excuses

Mike’s Blog 131

Writing this on a bus in Evernote app using one hand.
My Mac charger totally died and I can’t charge my laptop to do my morning writing. I’m rushing to Chinaccelerator office to hope someone can let me in so I can charge my laptop and resume work. Then I will go to a market to buy a second hand charger.

Sure, I could just take today off and use this as an acceptable excuse.

But excuse to who?

To me?

I just need to get things done.

Let me record some video clips now while still on bus.

OK, video clip is over. For some awkward looks on the crowded rush hour Chinese public

Again, who cares?

I could have slept in this morning because I don’t have a laptop and waited until the market opened at 10am.

But no, I write in my morning and I am committed

It’s not motivation, it’s discipline.

This is what separates the men from the boys.

Wake up when you say you will wake up, write when you say you will.

Do it! No excuses.

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