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Recovering From An Amazing Cross Border Summit

The pressure is on for April 2018 – the team at Cross Border Summit really upped the game in 2017 with our second annual Cross Border Summit in Shenzhen, China from April 21-22, 2017. I have never pushed myself so hard as I did – especially day 1! We had multiple rooms running at the same time, multiple panels, 35 plus speakers, food, after parties, and just so much more!

My favorite part of all of it is after – seeing the photos, the videos, the amazing feedback being shared all over the place on social media. Wendy has been amazing at helping on the media and operations side. Claire has been dependable and learning fast at helping make this event a reality. And a huge thanks to the volunteer team lead by Angie and everyone. Speakers put all their knowledge into it and didn’t hold back – got great feedback.

Of course there were a few hiccups, I won’t deny – especially on the first day. It was really because most of our attendees want export related content than import related content – so we had to add a whole new track on the first day to satisfy that demand. I’ll take that into account next year.

Really, an event is just another extension of making content. I am addicted to cranking out content – and a 2 day event with 30 + speakers is a massive content creation process. I’m Michael Angelo – a modern artist of online (and now a bit offline) content. While Michelangelo was painting and making more physical art, I’m here in this time making online and event content. That is what I believe my calling is – and I really can’t wait to do an even better job in April 2018.

Missed 2017’s but still want to be involved? We are still selling the online pass, where you can watch select videos (in our main track), get the presentations, see the photos, and connect with other attendees in our Wechat group. Check that out at

Save the date – I really want to see you guys there next year. I’m thinking to have a few different ticket levels, a more affordable one that more people can come to, but the current one we have which would be more inclusive of food and other items.

Did you make it to the event? What did you think? Please, don’t sugar coat it – give me the real deal. I got some “tough love” feedback from people and I am keeping my ears wide open. Because while it is painful to hear about some of the mixups – I just keep repeating to myself these are just opportunities to make the event even better next year.

##The Empire Is Growing – Doing What I Love

The main point is – this is a huge milestone in the growth and development of my career. I love Global From Asia, the media channel I have setup with amazing weekly podcast guests, blogs, newsletters, and more. Having a yearly event (should I have named the event the GFA Summit?) is an amazing way to celebrate all of this by getting a ton of those guests, listeners, and friends all together.

Many have suggested that I do it in Hong Kong or Guangzhou – but I see this as being needed in Shenzhen. We need an international, English, business event here as this city has grown like crazy. From what I saw at the summit, it is true – and needed.

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