New Year, New Covid Test

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Welcome 2021!

We are all adjusting to the new normal and here in Shenyang, China there is a new outbreak of COVID, some new strain. I’ll be honest, I am not following the news.

But all I know is, New Year’s morning, we woke up to mandatory COVID swab tests in a vocational school turned COVID testing center.

A bit of a chaotic morning as the appointments and the scheduling are overwhelmed. They did some tests the day before, but there was such a long line and there is fear it may be doing more harm than good.

We were not able to go in the morning but we did get to “slip in” in the evening.

Midday, I had some fun dancing with the kids, trying to stay sane in the new lockdown. Basically we cannot have guests enter the “garden” (apartment complex) and only the 2 main gates are open.

While this is frustrating, we just need to stay calm, adapt, and realize this may not be a 2020 only event. It seems to be going into the new year.

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