Making a Decision with 70% of the Information

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Making a Decision with 70% of the Information

Yes, we made a big move in a short amount of time.

Jeff Bezos style?

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Getting feedback on how quickly we made a life changing decision in a short amount of time. Yes, it seems fast and it is nerve racking not gonna hide it.

The last week or 2 – ya – kinda a hyper move to say the least. The reason is that the school in China we are sending Miles to doesn’t agree to let us only pay for the first half of the year – they insist we pay the full year. So we may as well put that money all into 1 new school that is the same price for both kids as if just sending Miles for a half year (we were considering not having Maggie go to school until Jan). So they will both be enrolling this fall in the Thailand school.

Exciting – and scary!

But my buddy Zack Franklin – founder of AMZ Kung Fu – told me on a business meeting we had (via wechat – we work anywhere!) that think of it like Jeff Bezos – he says you cannot wait until you have 100% of the data to make a decision as then it will be too slow / too late. Gather about 70% of the information and make the best decision you can. Speed is more valuable then waiting to collect every last data.

The second part of Zack’s reminder was that most decisions are not irreversible (double negative there – I should say – more decisions are reversible) – so what is the worst that can happen? Things don’t work out in Thailand and then we move back to China, or move to another country? Of course that isn’t the goal – but this is another part of your mindset to help you make decisions and take action.

Too many of us are frozen with overwhelming amount of options (first world problems, I know). But it seems in today’s world there are more and more decisions for all of us to make. We need to move past that frozen feeling and accept that we have to make a decision without 100% of the information and realize – as just mentioned – we can most of the time go back to where we were before as a worst case.

In today’s video I will be showing your around some of my travels towards the end of the trip – and also cannot believe that it is now time to move to Thailand. Thanks for reading through this journey and let’s all stay positive and make things happen.

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