Trip to a Mountain Factory in North Thailand

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With just under a month in Thailand – can’t help myself and had to do a factory visit. This is the factory of one of our brands – Akitai, handmade jewelry. Andres our business partner flew up from his home in Phuket Sunday morning, where we meet in Chiang Mai airport and drove 4 hours to a lake in the mountains.

Still rainy season here, so in this video blog you’ll see on and off heavy rains on our trip.

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We worked on improving the packaging and bar code workflow. Also developing new products and getting feedback from the factory team on what they think.

We had a lot of fun and made a ton of progress. The factory is a really creative and social place. The parrot was flying around in the r&d room at night, I had my own personal necklace fixed, and lots of fun discussions at meal times.

If you’re curious to understand the business story, tune in to our Global From Asia podcast where we interview Andres.

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