Miles is going to have a sister (or brother?) – We’re Expecting Our 2nd Baby!

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Freaking out as I type this – but we’re ready to announce – we’ll be having another kid! About a month ago Wendy was feeling it and we got it checked and it’s confirmed.

I am so excited, and love being a daddy. I think having another kid with Miles will be great, and they’ll be a bit less than 2 years apart – which I think is perfect.

Funny thing is we’ll be traveling in USA again when she’s pregnant, and at about the same time in the pregnancy (4- 5 months).

Heck ya, another kid. But of course this is more financial pressure on the family. But isn’t that life is worth living for – to build a family. To some maybe not, but for me I want to have a happy and healthy family and you can’t put a number on that. We’ll just find a way to get income up and support the growing members of the family.

Expected Delivery in Jan / Feb 2016

Might even happy during Chinese New Year holiday, which will be interesting as a lot of China is on holiday for about 2 weeks. Yes, going to have the kid delivered in China again. Even after the last time nightmare. We survived last time and know exactly what we are getting ourselves into.

I Know You’re Wondering – What About the One Child China Policy?

This must have crossed your mind, what about the 1 child policy in China. Wendy is Chinese, yes, and I’m American. Miles was born in China but got an US passport and doesn’t have a Chinese ID. That doesn’t count towards a “Chinese baby count”. Heck, I am not clear how the policy exactly works, but this is what I am told. I’m sure I’ll update you as it progresses, but I believe it is about being a “Chinese” baby / citizen. If its a Chinese citizen, costs this newborn will on the Chinese society for education, healthcare, etc.

It always crosses my mind maybe try to have the baby in Hong Kong or maybe USA. But we’re comfortable here and Wendy is fine with having the second kid in China even after the last time.

Just going to make us that much stronger and appreciative.

Is It a Boy or Girl? Who Cares!

Always the first question I get is – “is it a boy or a girl?”. We don’t know yet. Not even sure if it is possible know at this early stage in the pregnancy, but we’re not going to check into it until we deliver the baby. Well, you may know in China they don’t allow you to find out before. They don’t want the gender to be part of the decision making process of keeping the baby or not. There are of course other ways, maybe can try to get checked in USA while there in September, but I like the surprise.

And I think it would be awesome to have a baby girl! Miles needs a little sister. But boy or girl, we will love them. I’m brainstorming names for either a boy or a girl now.

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Maybe you have some suggestions for baby names, let me know in the comments below!

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