Doubling Down on Personal Branding

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Further Re-Defining Oneself & Skills/Value

Since arriving in Manila – it has only been a month and a half but feels like a year!

What started as a business development trip to get to know the partners at Alpha Rock Capital more while my wife takes care of her mom in China has turned into another major shift and turning point in my life, as well as the whole industry I have built my brand and career on – the whole cross-border e-commerce industry between China, Asia, and the world.

But the partners at Alpha Rock have been a great sounding board, and this has truly become a defining couple months of my life.

I am a personal brand. The time creating the ARC podcast, the content via newsletters, etc – the real value that we have seen being delivered is my personal branding to bring in investors, to bring in team members, to build up trust and confidence in the organization by my association.

The team there is realizing that the clients, the investors, the competitors in the space – I know a huge majority of them from the 10+ years in the industry. Saying I am part of the team when they are on a call with them has raised eyebrows and accelerated the relationship building.

That is what I am, and that is what I will focus on. Re-building the old MichaelMichelini dot com website to reflect all these changes and growth. Should be quoted in Wall Street Journal later this week (will update the readers of Mike’s blog for sure once it is confirmed) on the Coronavirus and how it is affecting Amazon sellers. Was in BBC recently as well and last year on Bloomberg podcast about the trade war.

This is my job.

We are working on an epic round up blog post at Global From Asia to talk to all the amazing members of the GFA VIP community and experts in the network on how this coronavirus has impacted their business and the industry as a whole, expect to be published early next week

The fifth annual Cross Border Summit will be in Chiang Mai, Thailand this year – Nov 19-20, 2020 and have an amazing line up already.

So today’s post is mean to say – been beating around the bush for years – and the ARC partners are pushing me over the edge on this one – but I am a full time “personal brand” now. Not exactly sure what that even means or how it works, but studying it deeply (well have our amazing team helping me research that more) and thought I’d share the development of it (as always) here on Mike’s Blog first.

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