Week Plan As Kids School Starts up

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Aug 29 – Sept 4, 2021

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Getting into the “Flow” of being back in Shenzhen, China. Does feel like the place I am meant to be.

Kids will be starting school this week and it signals the end of summer and is a prediction of a busy Fall for our work.

  • Amazon seller brand workshop: Follow-up after the Friday session. Need to update my slides (after so many questions)
  • Factory visit on Tuesday (full day) for some monumental decisions on the product.
  • NamesCon + Handshake – develop program more and also marketing materials
  • Shenzhen Party website rebuild and apartment section thought process.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Aug 29 – Sept 4, 2021 Shadstone Limited

Last week:
I enjoyed the monthly team call, Wednesday night. We’re happy Janette did some training and we had a decent amount of the team there.

Shenzhen Party: Working hard in migrating and rebuilding the Shenzhen Party network of sites. Domains and DNS has been updated along with some of the servers. But, some big part of the migration still needs to be finished up this week and also looking into the apartment section solution. WeChat accounts and official accounts are also moving over. I had a 4-hour Saturday morning call with old and new partners on the migration, and having another Saturday morning call next week.

Indigitus router – more factory visits, lots of intense working balancing the hardware and the software integration. We issued NFTs to the ambassadors as well which seems was positively received.

GFA and the acquisition initiative – had a workshop last Friday about how to sell your Amazon brand in a small conference room with about 10 -15 sellers. It was a first try and went very well. I think we will do this on a regular basis in Shenzhen.

Client work – still need to solve the PPC team issue but had some training calls and evaluating where we are on that. Doing tons of podcasts right now and web dev work. This is our strength and we need to focus on that.

This coming week:

Month end, review and reporting.

Factory visit again on Tuesday – it will be a full day. It should be a very special day to make some important decisions.

Shenzhen Party site hopefully this week is the last of the migration week, lots of content moving over to new format and servers.

Team growth – need to start to develop and grow the team more. This will be an ongoing process, but with new projects and investments, we need more people to help.

Thursday night will be a “happy hour” for sellers in Shenzhen just to get a group of people together.

NamesCon and Handshake – need to put this together more – the agenda, thinking to make a special poster for the Handshake track at NamesCon to make it more clear and obvious to people.

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