Locked Down – So Do Mini Mastermind!

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Feb 27 – March 5, 2022

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What is Mike Michelini Up To Now – Feb 27 – March 5, 2022

On house lockdown! Since last week’s update – huge changes. My wife’s buddhist master passed away and she wanted to go to the funeral (4 hour flight + 10 hour drive in mountains away). She left Tuesday morning, and the kids went with aunt (her real sister) and David (godfather/“uncle”) to allow me a few days working in quiet. But then Wednesday lockdowns in various neighborhoods announced – so I decided before I was stuck at my apartment – to join David and Miles in his apartment and we are all locked down here til March 8!

But a great chance to get work done – had a few in person meetings but all had to cancel due to this.

Now – to the “what is Mike up to” points:

* I feel like a broken record on the “team building / HR” – but this is really what matters as we get to this stage in the business. I cannot be so in the “details” and have to trust the team. And it’s just getting better – the team is our most valuable asset.
* Excalibur Brothers – 4 products to finalize, and the Blimp Method participants are further along on the account setup and other point.
* HandyCon – March 16-18, a lot to do but love this each year for the Handshake community engagement, even pushes me to develop and build more as a milestone.
* GFA Kids – further investing in teachers and systems and management.
* So much more – but really goes to the relying and trusting of the team. So thinking more and more how to invest and build the team up even more.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Feb 27 – March 5, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Lots going on as always! With my lockdown in David’s apartment, having a lot of “informal masterminds” with him and Luciano.

I’m mentioning some name in the update (always wonder to put names or not) – but just because your name isn’t here – doesn’t mean I/we don’t appreciate you! And LJ – our fearless leader – thanks for keeping everyone on track. We all have been through life testing hardship and your calmness and practical way to approach problems is monumental to keeping us on the track to achieve the goal of “building an empire”.

Will link today’s mentions for those curious readers who want to see those websites.

GFA Kids / online learning – we are investing more time and resources into this with Jade joining us with focus on building up the program, procedures, and organization. Thanks Lori for helping keep this program going and introducing her. Also we want to onboard the teachers into the Shadstone slack and systems so that they are able to collaborate with others on our team and make the system smooth.

Excalibur Brothers the four products we are starting with are making solid progress. But just realized samples we ordered may be blocked to being delivered to our quarantine area so thinking on how to adjust for that. Packaging / branding is being finalized, listings will come next, updating website, preparing paid ad and launch strategy. Have a Blimp Method mastermind this week a well.

Now Shenzhen – close to closing an advertising contract and working on the procedures for that (contract procedure, faq, etc) but that is a great milestone. Also Elayne is getting on wechat now and also learning more on the content aggregation and syndication flow / SOP building.

Global From Asia – we had a nice GFAVIP w/ Helium10 last week and also a fun podcast on logistics with Eric a GFAVIP member. Chipping away at the cross border community. Also a small sponsorship was confirmed, great job Aubrey

Flamingo Handshake – the tenth auction last week exceeded expectations, encrypted/ is as great auctioneer to collaborate with, and we are full steam ahead for an amazing HandyCon edition Flamingo Handshake with .s/ and .dapp/ in the auction lineup on March 18!

HandyCon – huge amount of coordination w/ speakers and sponsors. Calls lined up this week, flipping around of times and topics, but as we all know – it will be an epic event. Anne, you rock and so happy you are so passionate about Handshake and coordinating with the community.

Indigitus – Q1 is coming close now that we are entering March. The engineer partners have some surprises in the works and cannot wait to share (as you know I love to share). Hoping more meetings and discussions between Sentinel and Indigitus can happen this coming week too.

Mona/ MonaPay – Xing Yue pushed an update on Mona/ that allows those who link their HNS name can deploy a markdown style website to their domain via siaSky. Really nice!

Clients for Shadstone and SkyInclude – steady flow of RFQ for new service help, as well as keeping our clients happy – love how Manly “makes it work” such as the MTurk survey. Client services department is amazing (thanks Chelcy!) and we are working to keep the communication flow on different shifts on email/wechat. Also need to set more clear expectations with timeframe and turnaround as some clients expect us to reply asap. Stephenie also made more magic and love what she made for the baby monitor project.

Inspired to make more SkyInclude videos and seeing more and more developers making products.

Also – Trying to invest in a new SLD (domain) registration system based on ens domains front end but still awaiting a developer’s test milestone project to see how that goes.

Lots of positives, sure there are negatives. But focus on positive, and more positive will come. Let’s take these 2+ years of lockdown and hardship and push out limits to create amazing things.

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