Thaw Out Post Chinese New Year

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Feb 6 – 12, 2022

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The Year of the Tiger is in full effect. Well, factories in China may not start up next week, and schools are still closed ’til the week after. Offices though should start to re-open this coming week.

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For us though, we are going strong and continue to move forward. Here’s what we got for the week.

* Indigitus and blockchain politics – need to clarify the relations in the protocol and update the status
* HandyCon is coming quick. Preparation of agenda, speakers, and sponsors.
* Excalibur Brothers – with products selected, sourcing, and launch / marketing strategy up next. Teambuilding and planning.
* Content team – new team member starting, growing new podcast channels (Venture Seed) and other growth through organic content – as that is our specialty.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Feb 6 – 12, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Trying to stay warm here with gloves and 2 layers of sweatshirts! We keep using these challenges as ways to improve our abilities, and more importantly, our mindsets. Stay positive and improve.

While last week was the “heart” of Chinese New Year, we always make progress and have things happening. Our GM was out sick the last few days. Worried that I/we may have overwhelmed her. Hope she is better this week.

* Indigitus we are dealing with more “politics” inside the blockchain org chart and it really heated up last week. But we are gifting our ambassadors some airdrops and finding more ways to reward those who stick with us.
* HandyCon is coming up QUICK – a month and a half to go. While last year we pulled it off in a couple weeks, this one will be better than ever. Finalizing a first draft agenda, putting speakers into slots, confirming key sponsors, and more.
* Excalibur Brothers / Blimp – had a mastermind last week with franchisees. The products are 80% confirmed (approx). Our partner is doing amazing things on the branding, and we are working on the packaging and the insert cards. The idea is a COMMUNITY, not just a 1 time customer. We are working on the launch strategy and will use some very unique and innovative ideas (as always). Really happy with our Amazon operations specialist’s work so far. Keep it up. Also hope to get our media buyer involved in the AdWords for the launch, and we need to start updating the main website. Also need to see if our influencer outreach member can get active on the team again to go back to the ambassadors she was reaching out to at New York Bar Store. Basically we have to organize our team for Excalibur Brothers / Amazon launch and marketing, but it will still not probably go live until late March at the earliest, but it is looking like it will be more on April and maybe even May.
* Now Shenzhen – a bit quiet as it is Chinese New Year, and also still awaiting to onboard our new team member to help there (our content editor joining)
* Team building, communication – as we are growing our projects and team – working on more ways to better distribute the communication and coordination.

There is so much more happening. The idea and the dream is that we are creators and builders on the web2 to 3 movement (via our community / SEO / content creation skills) and innovating to CONNECT e-commerce and NFT/blockchain tech.

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