Week Plan Feb 16 – 22, 2020

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What is Mike Up To Feb 16 to Feb 22, 2020?

What am emotionally intense month it has been. Still in Manila, Philippines and checking flights to China less online. Wife says things will be ok, but still stressful to keep watching my kids on Wechat video and hearing about limiting families to leave their houses up to 3 times per week to buy groceries.

Rebranding and Webinars for Prime Label Studios – Alpha Rock Capital has been changing Virtuous Graphics to Prime Label Studios and we had a soft launch webinar last week, with another later this week. Been training and coaching the team on how to do webinars and the sales funnel process.

GFAVIP webinar with Davide Nicolucci – making GFA a platform of experts (honestly been working towards that since the first podcast in 2013), but this Thursday Davide will be the expert on the webinar and we are doing a joint venture deal on his Amazon FBA quick rank strategies.

Bookkeeping and financials – for the last 2 months I have an amazing bookkeeper, Jeanie, helping me catch up the financial books for Shadstone and make a better cashflow and budget for the future. Think after 2 months she finally has all the data and access from me she needs and want to make a good strategy for the future.

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