Working Into Year of The Tiger

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Jan 30 – Feb 5, 2022

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Happy Chinese New Year! This coming week, China is basically “closed for business” but anyone who knows me knows I am working as per usual (with the occasional family activity in between):

* Further developing the Blimp Method onboarding products with the franchisees. I have a mastermind call this week and look forward to moving to the listing creation process
* HandyCon sponsor and speaker confirmation
* Indigitus has a small surprise for ambassadors
* HR onboarding of new team members
* Study deeply applying NFT to ecommerce. This is our sweet spot in connecting these 2 worlds.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Jan 30 – Feb 5, 2022 Shadstone Limited

The empire is steadily growing, and the empire is all about the team. So let us keep GROWING and improving. Each of us here becoming managers and leaders is the goal. The sky is truly the limit.

Early 2022 has seen some evolution in our projects and client base, with more adjustments last week in the consulting division.

We have been moving more towards our own internal projects from client work regardless, but that seems to be accelerating now with one major client no longer pursuing the Chinese market on the Amazon acquisition division.

The announcement there was made on the last day before Chinese New Year, so there will be a lot of adjustment and reflecting in China for those over the holiday this coming week.

As that is taking place, we’re working hard on preparing to launch Excalibur Brothers using the beta group at the Blimp Method via the GFA community. As that materializes, I also feel that the GFAVIP community is coming together a bit more.

I’m also excited to be growing our team so that we have people focused on these projects, with our Amazon/e-commerce department growing (via Excalibur Brothers – aka Para Living as a holding group) and our media/content creation department growing and developing (via NowShenzhen).

HandyCon 2 is coming up quick. We had months to prepare, but now is the time to take action in confirming key sponsors and speakers. We also need to do more outreach, and email and paid advertising, as we plan to reach a wider audience this time.

In addition, we are working as hard as we can to learn how to “connect” the e-commerce/cross border world we have with the crypto and NFT world we are in.

For me, that is about product launches and community building. If you check out recent GFA podcasts, we discuss a little about this with the idea is to use these tactics and strategies that NFTs and crypto use to launch and foster a community in the Amazon FBA world.

There is interest from those in the e-commerce space and they feel that I/our team is the most knowledgeable – we’ve been talking to the Handshake community too – and it is still in the early stages, but I am drafting out some new concepts for this.

So while I should be “not working” this coming week as it is a holiday in China, you know me. I will be grinding harder than ever. I enjoy it when people are not working as I can get deeper into the trenches and really study new harder concepts and strategies for our business.

Keep learning, keep developing. It will be a great week as always.

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