Cross Border Summit Success! Pushing Myself Out Of Comfort Zone

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The Cross Border Summit was a great success! Thank you to everyone who came out on a Saturday and spent the full day with intense learning and networking!


Many people said we should have waited til later in the year – that we didn’t have enough time to plan it – but we pushed through and made it happen – and wow, even I was surprised at how amazing it was!

Pushing Myself Out Of A Comfort Zone

Making the Cross Border Summit a success was a huge milestone for me personally. How many years I talked about doing something like this – always waiting until later. Waiting until I knew more people, waiting until I had more experience.

Maybe it was all the Dr Seuss stories I have been reading my kids – to get out of the “waiting place”.

There is never going to be a better time to do something than now! Jeez, I should have done this 5 years ago or longer!

But the main point is – WE DID IT. Don’t let things get in your way. People will always tell you that you need more time. They will say it is too hard. That it is dangerous.

Sure, I had the fear maybe no one would show up. Maybe speakers would back out. Maybe the sponsors would not be happy with the outcome.

There are so many forces that push us to BE AFRAID TO TAKE A CHANCE.

My Wife is Awesome

As I freaked out multiple times in the past few months while planning this event, my wife Wendy has been strong by my side. As I read more “self help” books, they would always say the worst fear is fear of being afraid.


The biggest challenge is your own mind. Your mind is always trying to tell you to play it safe. It wants to avoid embarrassment, avoid failure, avoid being exposed.

We pushed through it and made it happen.

Wendy always would remind me to try my best. What is the worst that can happen. In China, I have always used the word “face”. How embarrassing it would be if the room was almost empty and the speakers and sponsors would look at my like a failure. Or the audience wouldn’t like the sessions or not feel they received enough value.

I put everything I had into this event. My network, my knowledge, my tender love and care.

Wendy said to be more zen, and to realize that it doesn’t matter the outcome so long as I try my best.

This is why she rocks!

It’s All In Your Mind

I was so lucky it didn’t rain on Saturday for the event. It was raining so heavy the days leading up to it, and the days following. It was like an amazing, clear day with blue skies and sunshine. The weather reports were wrong!

I don’t want to sound like a madman, but I have been reading a book “The Secret”. I imagined the day with a clear sky and sunshine. I imagined everyone so happy and learning and networking. It is all in your mind.

If you think negatively, negative things happen. If you think positive, positive things happen.

Maybe you don’t think like this, but for years I was always afraid of negative outcomes. Then your mind focuses on those negative outcomes. By thinking negatively, we put out an “aura” and send signals to the universe that we want negative things to happen.

We need to avoid thinking negatively. Use all our energy to think positively. To visualize success. To feel it, to taste it. In my morning writing sessions, I was writing over and over again on how great the event would be. Play by play, hour by hour, on how it would go over. Almost to memory.

IMG_0667  IMG_0597

Yes, this sounds crazy, but the day went like expected. And the weather pushed the rain clouds away for our special day. The energy, our mind, sent out to the universe this power to make things come true. Visualize it, and your mind’s energy will send out those positive vibes and make it a reality.

Loving Connecting Like Minded People

For years I always wondered how to start something like this. It’s always going to be a chicken or the egg story.

The most gratifying part of all of it was the great feedback I received from attendees. They made good friends, learned a ton of new things, and can’t wait to come back to next year’s Cross Border Summit.


A community, a network of people helping each other to improve their business and avoid mistakes they have made in the past.

We need this in Asia. There are a lot of big events that want tons of attendees to monetize. But instead of thinking about the actual participants, they look at them like a number, like a product in their money making machine.

Put the people first, and it will be a long term community that will sustain itself for the long term.

Continue to Push Yourself

Well, I feel so amazed that we well exceeded even my own expectations. A great group of attendees, top speakers I have met over the years, and happy sponsors. All wanting to be part of this community for the long term.

I am so lucky.

But is it really luck?

I recommend others to first fix themselves. For so many years I worked day and night – pushing hard. But I didn’t take care of my body and my mind. The pursuit of self improvement came maybe late 2014. For the majority of 2015 I was constantly improving my diet, my sleep habits. Meditation has been amazing. Focusing on quality friends and quality relationships.

Once I “fixed” myself – then I could get back to work. Working hard is good, but working smart with a clear mind and a healthy body is the most important.

Can’t believe it took me until my mid 30s to realize this. And I know, I’ll try to teach my kids this to save them the hardships I went through for decades – but they will probably not listen and need to learn for themselves.

But even if one person reads today’s blog post and it inspires them, then this thirty minute writing session has taken care of itself.

First fix your mindset, the rest will follow.

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