Jamming In As Many Meetings In China Before my USA trip

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Again, its one of the benefits of “living on the internet” – blogging, tweeting, weibo-ing, facebook status updates….and trying to be as open as possible…..is that people know where you are, where you are going, and contact me to make plans and business opportunities / ideas .

The last few days my google calendar has been jam packed with lunch meetings, afternoon coffees, and dinners, then beers with various people discussing business to discuss when I’m in USA.

Some of the things I’m working on:

  • Ecommerce dropship platform – A big part of why I came to China was to bridge the gap between USA and China for buying and selling. The load pipe platform (or “pipe dream” as some of my friends have come to call it now…) may become a reality…..a few Chinese ecommerce companies I’m talking to now, as well as a few USA meetings.
  • Representing Geekcook to USA market – meeting David Zhang a lot, and as I blogged, I think his product line is unique design – his own ideas, and China brand worth showing to the world…. spending this weekend with his factory and marketing team to go hiking and build up our business relationship.
  • Talking to networking groups – Plan to be meeting startup networks and coworking communities in various USA cities. Since moving forward with the shenzhen coworking I have been networking with the community of coworking offices around USA and the world, as well as various startup communities….

So not much time to sit and work like a maniac in Szteam coworking, but because I’m loving the mobile lifestyle, i’m still carrying my mac air, my tablet, smartphone…..recharging device, mobile wifi hotspot…..and office really doesn’t matter….

Getting used to living life on the road, on the move. Took a few years….

So now I’m gearing up for USA and loading up as many Chinese business opportunities I can to pass around USA.

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