Keep Going When Others Say To Stop

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Keep Going When Others Say To Stop

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On the way to Bangkok, and bumped into Winson on the airplane – pretty awesome. Both heading to the DCBKK conference – one that always pushes me every year to break limiting beliefs and just do it.

Which leads me into this blog topic – keep going when others say to stop. Thought of this while on the airplane as a topic, and it is something that all too often is embedded in our brains from childhood. As a parent now, I do see the reasoning, we want to protect our children from getting hurt. From the simple thing like climbing too high on the play scape to playing football with other kids which are too big for us – we as a parent tell our kids to not do that – it is dangerous. I try my best as a father to let me kids make a mistake on their own, to test their own boundaries.

From my research / feeling (hey this is my personal blog here lemme just experiment) – during our childhood is when we are convinced to stop pursuing our wildest dreams. To stop wishing we want to be an artist or an astronaut.

And then that continues to influence us as we get older. We stay within the “speed governor” (I remember my golf cart days) and never really find out our true potential.

This is something that starts in our childhood, and then these speed limits are carried through the rest of our life. But we can’t blame our family, our friends, our teachers – we need to break these limiting beliefs ourselves. I’m trying my best to always push my own limits – to not compare myself to the competition or to our high school friends or whatever – we need to keep challenging OURSELVES.

By tracking is how we grow. Even my own business blog global from asia – traffic is hitting new highs – for a few reasons (I have a great team now) but also because I am tracking the stats daily. I’m trying to find out what is working and what isn’t. Learning the insides and then testing.

Then we aren’t assuming anything, we aren’t holding ourselves accountable to what others say. It is just me and the daily numbers. And trying to achieve more – to improve, to tweak, to measure.

But like Winson said in the video blog – it often isn’t what others say we can or cannot do – but we ourselves talking to ourselves telling us what we can or cannot do. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. But it isn’t just dreaming, it is doing. It is taking even the smallest step in that direction on a daily basis and before you know it, your dream is closer and closer to becoming true.

Gabree left an awesome comment on facebook – that I don’t want to lose!

Gabree Kwan Inspiring post Mike. We’ve been taught to fear ever since we were born, by the society and by our family. The world really isn’t kind to entrepreneurs until you start getting visible and can be recognized as successful by that one and only standard. When you go through difficulties or fail, there are always people who feel happy about their own choice of the “right” path of security, while they are really just jealous of your courage and hate themselves for not being able to be like you.

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