Getting Used to The Non-Schedule Lifestyle

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Still, after 8 months, I am still adjusting to the free lifestyle….where I’m always working but not really going to an office.

Rundown of what the past few days have entailed:

major backorder on a bar supply product that has about 30 customers waiting…our manufacturer is out of them until about another week….which was already 2 weeks behind…so had to scramble to find a new supplier, take a loss on the product, and just get it to the customers for the Christmas holiday

Discussing where in China to open home office – Shenzhen or Shanghai…..have good connections in both…running down the pros and cons of each.

Dallas Texas call center re-organization….8 month investment that now has the group moving from contract manufacturing to cooperative distribution agreements.

Few friends working on new products

Discussions with New york bar store owners on new business opportunities and Andrew going full time with it in May.

Ice Storm in Kansas and my associate for New york Bar store working there is out of power and cable internet/Tv…trying to coordinate with that happening..

conference calls with India tomorrow early morning, Hong Kong 1am last night, Canada and throughout the US.

each day is completely different! I deal with major disruptions and motivate…I believe that is key to success…MOTIVATE OTHERS keep a positive attitude……believe in others, trust in others….and they will help you.


Harrassing George in his NYC apt last weekend

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