The Dream Is Getting Closer To Coming True

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The struggle is real. I think that is an internet meme I have seen passed around on my Facebook feed – but that often is the case. This blog used to be titled “happiness in pursuit” and that is just it. We are on the move, starting out where our mother is living at the time, given the tools and platform of our family to get walking and into the cultural education matrix system. But as we get older, we have a choice. Do we go the normal route, the path that has been blazed, optimized, paved, barrier walls put up, multiple stop light systems, and a tracking system – OR – do we go “into the jungle” to blaze our own trail.

Sure, we all want to blaze our own trail. But that is the one where you will be constantly questioned. You’ll have nights where you can’t sleep. Sometimes that will be because you are so excited about a new development in your dream, other nights its because you are not sure how you will tell your family the next day about some issue that came up.

For me, right now, I feel there is a nice simmer happening in my little business world. Synergies starting to happen between the team and multiple projects I am working on.

For example, in the Hong Kong agency business (Unipro) the team is really doing a great job on the operations. Leads are coming in and we are able to get them taken care of without my direct involvement. And that isn’t because I’m lazy and passing the buck, its because they are doing it better than I could have done in the past. There are quite a few people in the operation team now, and everyone knows the working style – flow is happening.

On the podcast and blog side of Global From Asia, Claire joined a couple months ago and has been getting into her flow state. At first she said it was overwhelming all the tools I was showing her and she kept sticking on the older way of email attachments and Word documents – but she has embraced it and has been using the shared email help desk system and the Google docs folder system.

In other projects, like Enter China, there is a re-organization happening and I am expressing my strengths and weaknesses. Telling them what I can add value on, and able to be more level headed about it.

I have to say, it must be the mediation and morning miracles I have been doing for almost three years now. My monkey brain is quiet. I process one task at a time and am working hard at being able to “turn on / turn off” various thought processes with minimum downtime.

And I think the most important part of this whole flow state / getting closer to my dream is that everyone around me understands how I operate. When people don’t know how you work, and what your schedule and priorities are – they will make their schedule and their priorities pushed onto you.

As my little empire, under the corporate umbrella Shadstone Limited, continues to develop – it will because I am clear about my working process and my priorities to those who engage in business with me. Just wish it didn’t take me over 10 years doing my own business to figure it out. Lol!

How do you work, how do you ensure you are on the track you need to be on to achieve your goals? Oh, and happy Saturday morning from Shenzhen, China!

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