Balancing Free and Paid, Management vs Micro Management

In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Michelini Up To Now – Jan 10 – 16, 2021

* Preparing for third COVID test of 2021 (and fifth total)
* Transitioning the Shadstone team to have proper management team and corporate structure (I gotta stop being the bottleneck and micromanager)
* Overwhelmed with launching new Amazon brand (15 SKUs now and 15 in a few months)
* Transitioning GFA (Global From Asia) community to be 50% free, 50% paid (2 free GFA podcasts a month, 2 paid GFAVIP masterminds a month)
* Coaching and consulting clients for content creation and Asia business, a couple new ones last week.

For those who want to read (some) of our company week plan, I write those on Sundays as well:


Week Plan Jan 10 – 16, 2021 Shadstone Limited

We are getting into the middle of Jan 2021! A lot of things moving along here at Shadstone

On the team side:
We are re-structuring the team as we have said in the last few updates.

A new team member has joined us as social media manager. She is overwhelmed as all of us were when starting, but in addition to the “Core tools” she is also learning the social media tools and our browser as well. Glad she is pushing through.

We have a new hire that is helping with influencer outreach. I have known her since connecting with her in Twitter when I was in Manila in 2010 and finally start to work together. She is an expert at working with influencers and we need this help with our new Amazon brand.

Further developing our management team. They have weekly calls now (without me, first time for that, thanks team) and are organizing projects, tasks, and priorities. It started last week and is a great start for 2021 and necessary steps for the company to get rid of the “bottleneck” (me) that is probably the one holding the company back.

Great teamwork last week. Those not in the social media slack channel may have missed it. But it was a great example of the “T” in our core values (SLOT – self learning, online, teamwork). A team member said it best, it was the first time he noticed 5 people in the team communicate as a group before.

Then GFAVIP masterminds went really well too. I think it is also because I was able to focus on it more (thanks team!). I could invite and follow-up with members to make the mastermind groups. Also started the USA time zone one too on Wednesday mornings.

More inbound clients coming for power hour and power pack and coaching calls.

I did post an offer to sell some of our sites in a private forum and one of them is interested to buy. May try to sell more sites soon.

Had a sales call to sell our software, and getting some interest. They are interested in some of it but not all of it. I’m considering how to do that.

More inbound requests for Amazon listing optimization. But they are from Chinese companies, so the client service / communication is a lot rougher.

Let us keep learning how to coordinate as a team. I do worry I have become a bottleneck and middle person from the team. I hope that we can all work with each other and make suggestions and improvements.

Next Week:
Influencer outreach onboarding. She will be another overwhelmed person, haha! Please help in onboarding her if you see her in need.

Social media marketer getting the “flow”. Last week she was overloaded but look forward to her getting things rolling this week with the posting on social media. And, also communicating and coordinating with the content team.

Further developing a proper management team.

Tons of Amazon stuff for the Amazon launch, partner is pushing hard and we are going to get this business rolling hopefully in Feb.

Some coaching and consulting clients I need to prepare reports and analysis for.

Focusing on the GFAVIP member more and the idea is 2 GFAVIP masterminds a month (paid) and 2 GFA podcasts a month (free). So, it is 1 a week, and focusing on free and paid content to balance things out.

Making an epic post in about my “vision and dream” for my personal future and the community (removed from public blog post).

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