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In now by Michael Michelini

You may notice if you visit MikesBlog – a lot has been stripped out. We are spinning off various sections of the site to standalone sites.

XML blogger Templates – for those who are into blogger templates, we made a fully dedicated site for those at and would love your feedback on that. If you have your own template, let us know.

Making Motivation – for those who enjoy our motivational quotes, poems, and other updates, we made a fully separate site all about that at and if you have a poem or quote to add, we would love to hear it.

More will be spun off soon too.

So what will be left at Mike’s blog?

Basically – my updates – and journey – Michael Michelini, as an online entrepreneur – and I hope to share with you opportunities and ideas and inspirations.

What is Mike Up To Now – Aug 2 – 8, 2020

* In Shenyang, as always – I will MAKE A VLOG. It is requested quite a bit, and now I have a reason to
* My buddy, godfather of my kids, David Ho, came up to visit from Shenzhen! First visitor! We will enjoy this Sunday and go to some touristy things and I’ll bring the camera with me.
* Still grinding with our amazing online team, making content for our clients and our own investments.
* Loving the GFAVIP community more and more, had an amazing member call last week, new members joining, and re-inspired to add even more private premium video workshop content – this time more about Southeast Asia ecommerce as that is something many keep asking about.
* Will start a weekly email newsletter for with more personal email updates for those interested.

For those who want to read my weekly letter to our team (removing names and sensitive info)

Week Plan Aug 2 – 8, 2020 Shadstone Limited

We have been building up a nice team here and I am excited for everyone onboard. Thank you for being creative and independent. This is the best way for us to be able to work online, flexible hours.

Thank you also for using the various tools we have, I do understand the tools can be overwhelming, especially when we first start to use them – but the portal, slack, google docs (in the shared folder) all help us to work better long term.

Last week we had a good week for Global From Asia!
* New GFAVIP members signing up and current members happy and the member hot seat call being well received (I really enjoyed it!) Good job team for helping.
* New GFA review companies coming onboard with the premium package – good job team!
* New people in the community want to help promote it and share it in their communities.
* Thinking to go back to making more online courses and online workshops to add to the membership. Lazada / Southeast Asia is a hot topic in our world, and we need to add to that.

It does feel like people need communities more than ever. And people are more open to these online calls and sharing. A lot of people that in the past didn’t turn on their video camera during the calls – are now. More engaging, and while still does not feel the same as a “real” one – these virtual meetings are starting to work.

Also making good progress with our client work, smoothing out the processes of content creation, social media, and the market research projects. Thanks team for always helping keeping projects organized, and let’s all try to make sure we track our portal tasks so things all stay together.

And our content investments projects, while it is a long term investment, we keep improving. The site layout now has recommended (Related) post at the bottom (thanks team!) and we are really improving the sites (Thanks team for your hard work optimizing the sites).

While I am sad quite a few of our projects and initiatives do not work out – like the masks and PPE and Loadpipe somewhat stalled / on hold – I am happy we keep trying and working towards finding what works.

For us now it is basically these 3 main parts

* GFA community and review packages
* Client work for content creation and content marketing
* Website investing in our own portfolio

Which actually can inter-link the divisions and cross-promote well. Essentially it is about online content / online marketing and our community is cross-border business people in/around Asia.

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