What’s Mike Up To Now (Mar 22-28, 2020)

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What is Mike Upto Now – March 22 – March 28, 2020

Well this may be one of the most insane weekly updates – but here it goes:

* At another friend’s house in Cebu, feeling like a runaway refugee. Stuck here in Cebu still but think I can get a flight TODAY – my wife Wendy bought it and going to airport in a couple hours. Cebu to Korea to Shenyang. 20 hour layover in Korea.
* Re-focusing the Shadstone company back to its original sourcing (trading) roots but for the medical and masks industry – Shadstone-sourcing website. Leveraging the GFA media and community to build up leads and deals fast.
* Wondering how 14 days of government quarantine in China will be. Hope they have good internet.

And here’s the longer one for the Shadstone team:

Week Plan March 22 – March 28, 2020 Shadstone Limited

What a difference a week makes.

Typing this up from my friend’s spare room in Cebu, Philippines.

As many of you have been following in our company Slack – I’ve been bouncing around places in Cebu and trying to get back to China. My wife booked a flight for me today and hope this one works – as last week’s was cancelled.

We are pushing hard to move the direction of the company to import/export (actually our original roots) and also e-commerce (also our original roots) via globalfromasia.com/masks for the content and our trading website www.shadstone-sourcing.com/masks so those who are actively working with us – your roles have been moving towards that work, or creating content and marketing for that content.

I know many of you are nervous, and many of you are waiting for the company to give you more website projects and other tasks, but we need to hunker down right now and see how the rest of March goes.

Everything is changing rapidly, and for those who have worked with me a while know – I will always take care of the team.

If you have ideas for getting involved with the health supplies (masks) from China – I am open minded. We are also making a new donation service, www.globalfromasia.com/masks-donation/ and if you want to assist with this on a non profit basis we are open to that for sure.

Right now, we just need to have things stabilize – last week was probably one of the crazier times in my business life since seeing the September 11, 2001 towers collapse under my own eyes.

Stay strong, and realize – life and society will be different for the foreseeable future and we will adapt and come out of this stronger and better.

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