Preparing Year End Team Meeting

In now by Michael Michelini

What is Mike Michelini Up To Now – Dec 13 – 19, 2020

* Adjusting to a non-Christmas feel in China. I don’t remember this in the past, but Christmas is essentially banned here – no decorations, no music.
* I’m reviewing projects and doing team evaluations. We’ll have our year-end team call this week
* There are a bunch of sessions this week – 2 podcast recordings / live streams, GFAVIP mastermind, team call, and focus group
* I’m preparing more sales materials for the Regarding Work teamwork software.

And, here’s the longer text letter I wrote to the Shadstone team, with certain sensitive info removed:

Week Plan Shadstone Limited Dec 13 – 19, 2020

Just a couple more weeks of 2020 left, I’ve definitely gotten more grey hair and extra pounds added from this stressful year.

New vlog on is coming to wrap that up for those interested.

I’m really excited for this week’s Shadstone year end call, Thursday 6pm. We changed the time as people felt the Friday evenings were not ideal for them and we are trying to get as many on the team as we can. This one will be a bit of content too, preparing presentation to discuss the past and the future and will try to make it as fun as possible for an online event.

I’m planning to present the org chart, team values, and the 2021 “plan” (as best as we can plan in this COVID world) and inputs are welcomed. Please try to have video or at least microphone working. We want to hear from you! Trying to empower and develop our current team to be leaders.

We hired a new team member for community management for the Amazon brands / GetFrenzi. She is amazing and I have known her and met her in person at least 1 or 2 times in the last 10 years. She will start Jan 11 officially, and get into the SOPs and tools on Jan 3. Can’t wait to introduce her to everyone.  I believe she fits our core team values and work ethic.

Also GFAVIP mastermind is this week. I’ve been working hard to make it smooth and clear for the members and thankful for Wendy’s motivation. We will make it clear to the entire community (not just private members) what we are doing it so that we can market what valuable things we are doing and attract more members.

The SkyInclude service for the new blockchain internet (Web 3.0 some are calling it) is getting some more action. There are more resellers interested in offering the service to port sites for their clients to Handshake and want to collaborate with us. We are down for that as we are a team but we don’t have the sales and client services – prefer this as well.

Also working on the SBO (ScaleByOutsourcing) course/program and as I believe mentioned in previous week plans, working on combining it into a software package/bundle using the RegardingWork brand. So it will include our amazing tools that I believe has helped us work online so effectively – Portal, Handbook, HRM. And, clients will pay for us to install it for them with some SOPs and other customizations. Have a couple leads in our current client base that are interested and are waiting for the sales materials. Also preparing a webinar for Dec. 21, but concerned we don’t have the sales copy and it is coming up in just over a week so I may vote to delay that until Jan 2021.

As for me, I’m trying to be more clear, trying to focus on the training, and I am excited to share some new ideas on our year end team call this Thursday 6pm! See you there! Please RSVP to the airmeet in portal.

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