Forrest Gump & Box of Chocolates

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When i titled my blog “happiness in pursuit” i had the movie Forrest Gump behind it as well. Watched it countless times, and again just this past Sunday evening. Sure, its an old movie, and maybe there are tons of reviews existing, but this is my interpretation and critique of the movie.

forrest gump

Follow destiny – Sure, he may not be the most intelligent person, but he just stayed positive, and lets life take him where it takes him. He doesn’t seem to let life get him down – and when a door opens, and he likes it, he takes it…

Let life go the way – “life is like a Box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” , Just deal with what you have, and don’t complain about the “cards” you are dealt with in life. If you focus on what you don’t have, you will never get it! Just deal with it!
Give more – don’t worry about what someone is going to give you back! Just give unconditionally, and hope that the general will of people will help you when you need it too.
Build strong relationships – He meets many people in his life, in his life adventure – but he keeps good relations with those he trusts. And he has good judgement of character, and those trust him back genuinely and openly.
What is love – maybe forrest is “stupid”, but he isnt dumb! The older and “wiser” i become, the more i realize how more enjoyable life can be in a simple way. We get “smarter” and overthink things (i am notoriously bad at that), when actually we should follow our hearts and go with spending time with people we enjoy being with. Not for any other benefit – wether that be money, social status, family wishes, or career. Life and love is about spending time with people who we are happy passing the days with.

Others making money off your ideas – He just freely shares his idea for a Smily Face t-shirt, bumper stickers “shit happens” – he isn’t hiding his ideas and keeping to himself to later make money. He just goes with the flow, and makes money off the ideas he is well positioned to capitalize on.

Money – “only what u need, the rest is for showing off”. I like that concept. Of course, saving for a rainy day is necessary – especially looking at how American’s have been saving.

Makes me miss “home” – watching forrest run to his mama after coming home from vietnam war, or graduating college, or other milestones in his life, makes me realize how important spending time with family and loved ones is. We shared our young life with our parents, changed our diapers, put up with our whining, and did their best to guide us to be the people we have formed into today. We should always feel gracious for that, and make every effort to spend time and give back…. But… on the other side of the world right now, trying my best to become a better person each day…and they understand….but i still miss them dearly

But yes, I like to watch Forrest Gump movie for motivation on a regular basis. A “stupid” guy that takes life as it comes, deals with the cards he was dealt in life, and makes the best of it. Cheers to that.

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  2. I watched this movie when I was a senior high school student.I cried as I see Forrest Gump,a totally good guy persuit the next chocolates in the life box.Now,I am a colledge student in shenzhen.Maybe,I know more about the life box more than when I was in high school.

  3. Author

    hi Luby,
    yes, i recommend watching the movie again….it helps us remind what life is all about.

    so many times, we get distracted by small things that shouldn’t be our life focus.

    we have to keep going for the next box of chocolates in life, and enjoy it

  4. hi mike,
    yeah,that‘s right.
    life is so complicated that i just don’t know why it was going in that way in daily life sometimes.
    also,i know i must be “Forrest Gump” and follow the life’s step to see what the next box of chocolates look like.
    never quit,but enjoy it.

    1. Author

      hey Luby,
      great attitude, do you have a blog – you should start writing your thoughts down on…..spreading the love.

      so you are in shenzhen, you should come to the office in nanshan and meet me and the team here. welcome!

  5. thank you,mike.
    i really appreciate it.i am just a freshman in Electronic Commerce in shenzhen tourism college of jinan university and i am trying my best to learn more about this subject now.
    To be honest ,i really hope i can meet you and your team sometime.
    come on,life box is always there and full of surprise,
    for us……

  6. good job. thanks. 

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