The Wife Is Back [all is ok now]

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So the wife is back.

Throwing rocks at the balcony window at 1am – felt like a school kid in love .

But no, it was because she gave her house key to the teaching assistant who was helping us with the kids.

(Took quite a few rocks to wake me up)

But I head downstairs at 1am to open the door.

She is back!

Typing this up with a bit of a stomach ache (think I ate some expired food over the weekend) – and so relieved to have her back. One because she is awesome, but another because raising 2 kids by yourself – especially as such an impatient and not house-friendly guy – is exhausting.

The kids actually slept through most of the night last night – compared to the normal waking at 2am, 3am, 4am, and 5am routine (alternating between them).

It must have been the action packed fun filled Sunday of swimming with new friends, going to the mall, taking the indoor Thomas train around the mall, eating Korean BBQ, ice cream at DQ, and the arcades for hours playing all the kiddie games.

What a day. What a week, what a weekend.

But the wife is back now. Just in time for me to head off to Taiwan tomorrow for a workshop I’m hosting at MOX accelerator and then a meetup in Bangkok on Friday hosted by NEAT HK.

Back on the road. Back on the grind.

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