What Was Your First Impression of China? Mike’s Blog 098

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What Was Your First Impression of China?

Mike’s Blog 098

So what did you think during your first trip to China? Did you like it? The food, the environment ? Whats your favorite part, your least favorite part?

Today I am back at the Amazon FBA meetup in Guangzhou and want to ask some of these questions. Many of the participants are on their first trip to China and I want to get some perspective of it.

For me, I remember flying to Hong Kong from America for the first time in the fall of 2007. I was nervous (as we all were) and wondering what I was getting myself into. To be frank with you – I thought I would land in dirt fields and rice patties. I just had no clue really. When I saw I was in a massive metropolis bigger than New York City – I was blown away. I remember getting on the MTR for the first time and shocked. Such a high volume of people, all systematically filing in line, waiting for the passengers to exit the train, and then entering (this is Hong Kong, remember, not Mainland China).

The shell shock lasted for quite a few days. Unfortunately I got food poisoning (yes in Hong Kong) on the first or second day and was taking 999 medicine – some amazing medicine drink and got back on track after about 24 hours or so. Or maybe it was just that I was so shocked about where I was and taking in all the change.

Taking a trip across the border into Shenzhen – my Hong Kong friends thought I was insane. Its dangerous there, people eat stray dogs, hospitals make patients more sick after visiting, women spike your drink at the bar and you’ll wake up in a bathtub of blood and ice with your kidneys ripped out. Crazy stories like this, but I still went. And Shenzhen was massive and so developed as well. Sure not as polished as Hong Kong – but rapidly growing. Construction everything, just so much going on.

Flying over to Shanghai – what a fashion city, with people from all around the world. Then to Beijing, which was cold and dry (It was November by then) and I loved the culture and the older feel. Extended my trip a week, just so much to see and do. So much, in fact, that I returned to America already expecting to move to China for at least six months or so. Just so much to take in and learn. So much growth, so much “chaos” (I love it).

I wonder if you think I am crazy. Guess I see it as a land of growth, a place that the odds are against you – and it is a game you need to position yourself in. I knew it would take time to get the hang of things – but still after 10 years here still so much to learn and do.

I wonder if you have never been here – what do you think? What does the media (TV, newspaper, internet) tell you about China? One thing I must say – don’t believe everything you see on the news. That goes for American TV, European TV, and Chinese TV – heck anywhere. Remember it is all about perspective, those journalists, tv stations, and even governments behind them – have their own reason to report on what they find and put their spin on it. I love to see a place and make my own judgement. Don’t live in a bubble – leave your home country and experience some international land. You will have a mind blowing experience, and hey, may never want to go back to your home country like what happened to me!

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