Are You a Lover Or a Fighter? Mike’s Blog 099

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Are You a Lover Or a Fighter?

Mike’s Blog 099

White Collar Fighters, Good Way To Get Out Office Work Stress?

My friend John Graham is working on his upcoming “White Collar Fight Night” event here in Shenzhen, China for 9999 and I wanted to pop in and see all the training that is going on!

The idea is pretty simple, take “normal” white collar people and train them for a fight in a public arena. And no, white collar does not mean white people! White collar, for those Chinese viewers and others not familiar, means people who work in an office environment. Blue collar means working in construction or more manual labor, and white collar means working in an office setting mostly using your brain power.

Those white collar people need exercise too! And believe me, working in an office environment can be quite stressful – even though blue collar workers probably think us white collar dudes just sit in an office in meetings drinking coffee – using your brain is tiring!

I was tempted to take part as a white collar fighter – but family life schedule doesn’t let me get the daily requirement of their training (afternoons or evenings at least a few times a week) – yet I am really excited to see this fight night myself.

The other side of me can’t help but thinking of this as a version of the “Fight Club” movie with Brad Pitt. All that pent up energy we have in today’s society, not allowed to truly express ourselves – may as well have a club of fighters to take out that daily grind stress.

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