HitCrunch is Coming – June 3, 2017 in Shenzhen, China

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One of the cool things about organizing events (like our Cross Border Summit) is we hear about awesome upcoming events as well.

The team at Hit Crunch reached out and am I very excited about this event. Want to share some ideas and perspectives about it now.

What Is Hit Crunch?

I think its best described when you understand what HIT represents:

H = Hippie – its about being “cool” and laid back. The organizing team told me they are tired of such formal business events that are a little bit too serious. They want this event to be a relaxed and open feeling. There is a section in the conference called “Hippie” adventurer which sounds rather intriguing.

I = Imagination – this is about creativity. Especially here in China, innovation and creativity have been huge buzzwords as the government is encouraging people to move from the mass production, lower value of labor position and move up to the higher value technology part of the business chain. So Hit Crunch is focusing on bringing speakers and content that inspired creativity.

T = Technology. This is about tech and startups too. There is a Startup Land phase inside the conference, as well as Gravity session which is also targeting the technology space.

This One Will Be Big

I’m really excited for the event and will be attending. One of the organizers, Michael (yes, same name as me!) explained this year will have an “infield” and an “outfield” which means there are different levels of access and entry in the event. I imagine the infield will have more access to the speakers and select seminars, while the outfield will be more “hippie” feel. He is talking about having in the thousands of people range at the event, maybe a Woodstock feeling here in South China?

Excited to see the Growth of Innovation in China

These events are what China needs to continue to encourage growth and expansion in the Chinese market. The end of “Cheap China” I always mark as 2010, I remember it vividly. Because labor, and cost of living, material (basically everything) is rapidly growing – the challenge is on the people to step up the value of the output in their work. Any government needs to grow the education and ability of their people, and China has been investing heavily in this.

Makes me think about how we can grow and expand the Cross Border Summit in April 2018!

Hope to catch you at the Hit Crunch event, you can check it out at Hitcrunch.com

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