Finding Your Passion, Growing Your Talent, and Making it Sustainable

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Here are my reflections from participating in the GIFTED Seminar. I took part in the seminar after the Abnet Easter lunch on April 16, and was pleasantly surprised with what I learned. Heck, I didn’t even expect there to be a seminar after the lunch.

It started out with a clip on how the McDonald brothers created the business model for fast food. How they were so passionate about it, how they had trouble for decades before getting that right formula for a scalable business model. I especially liked the part where they discussed they moved their restaurant the next town over by cutting the shop in half and putting it on trucks (to fit under the overpass between the two towns!) the GIFTED Team explained that this is truly living their passion.

So it lead into the first step of the GIFTED system – which is to find your true passion in life. What are you looking to do with your life? Are the things you are working on now getting you closer to enjoying what you do, day in and day out.

Asking around the room, I was happy to say I do enjoy what I am doing every day. Sure there are stressful times in what I do – but I enjoy creating content on a regular basis. I enjoy sharing knowledge and connecting people together.

Once you find your passion, which can take a lot of time to find, next you need to build your talent in that passion. That is, practicing, learning, developing the skill. Get to be the authority in that space. This is not going to happen overnight, but you need to continually work towards that. Which shouldn’t be a problem right? Because you enjoy it. Just need to put some structure in it and get closer to it every single day.

Then, the third part (which I hope I remember correctly) is to make this talent sustainable. In other words, make a business model that will withstand the test of time. This means, it can work from anywhere in the world. You can travel, and do it on the road. Or completely online. You need to think strategically and plan this, it won’t happen automatically. Take it from my own experience, building up a business as you go becomes messy. Sure you need to experiment at the beginning, but ultimately you need to take charge of the business model and make it work for you, and for your clients, for the long term.

Some ideas of this would be to have online training. Or to at least set it up where you can have training sessions at different locations. The main idea here is to TEACH what you love to do. That way, you can ensure you can always do what you want, and earn a living from it.

I really enjoyed this seminar, so motivational and inspiring. I had to rush out early for a Cross Border Summit organizer meeting (as its less than a week away) but I thanked the GIFTED team and the team deeply and am still processing all this energy.

Check Out Their Business: GIFTED

Strongly recommend you guys give his program a shot! You can find it at his official Wechat account, GIFTED!.

My Reflections

Of course, one always puts this idea to themselves, how are they applying this to their life and business. I am definitely enjoying what I am doing. Then again, I am still doing a whole bunch of different things. For the most part, it revolves around writing / podcasts / videos (content creation) and then Hong Kong / China / Asia business.

Yet, I earn money by selling HK agency work with Unipro Consulting Limited. Is this directly related to what I do? I mean, I enjoy that, and it is something people need – but ultimately I enjoy creating content. Maybe I should start a new brand about creating content and building a business around that?

I think for me, what I enjoy most is creating a business around content. Leveraging the power of content to build up a strong company with a big barrier to entry.

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