Great Success! Feedback + Results from Social Media Training Seminar

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A few of my friends have been checking up with me on how my first social media marketing seminar went this past Saturday. I just got the photos and feedback from the marketing team this afternoon, so here we go:

We had 10 people come to the training seminar. To understand who came, there was (ecommerce site for lingerie, @lurenight) that had 3 representatives, and DinoDirect had 2 people, the others were representing their companies. Kevin, a friend of mine selling hair extensions online ( @hairexte) came and brought his translator as his english skills may not have been able to catch everying. Another old friend of mine Ronald who worked in a B2C company tradeMIC came, now on his own B2C ecommerce site @everbuying – as he wanted to catch up with me after such a long time (I’ll do a consulting visit to his company later this week).

Some of the others didn’t yet have twitter, were in e-commerce, trading company, or factory. One nice woman, Evelyn, didn’t know how to access facebook in China. That is such a shame, people in China aren’t even aware of what YouTube is!!!

I was fortunate enough to get 2 projectors setup, one for the powerpoint presentation, and the 2nd for a share of my screen to actually SHOW how I do it…not just talk and powerpoint discussions. I think showing how its done is much more effective than just arbitrary talking and reading bullet points off a slide!

I wore my suit!…I was considering being a bit more casual, but in China I think its more respectful to those paying to come see me that I should be at my best.

Here is a quick video I recorded on the spot to open up the seminar:

Twitvid video player broken

We then went through how to measure social media success, that its not all about numbers, then tools I use, processes, case study, and studying a case of a member who came – Lure Night.

We also gave certificates to attendees, I took a photo with each person, and I have been following up with those on twitter to see if they are implementing the new tactics we discussed.

Questions that we are getting answered:

How much to charge per course? Or per class?

For now, we will stick with the per course 800rmb price for a 3 – 4 hour session. Possible as this develops we will offer it in packages for a discount.

When to have the event – weekday, weekday evening, weekend?

Seems Saturday or Sunday afternoon from 1pm to 6pm range is the best

How many people should be in each course?

It really seemed nice and cozy for 10 – 15 people in a class…able to get to know all the businesses, look at different social media accounts around the room, give feedback.

How often will there be training?

Seems people want it every other weekend, we will start again after Chinese New Year (feb). So twice a month starting in Feb.

Is it OK if its all in English?

Of course this will be limiting the amount of Chinese businesses who will be able to benefit from the seminar. But unfortunately, I don’t think how much I study Chinese I could ever teach web marketing in Chinese. That will be an amazing day for sure. So for now, I have to limit it to English language presentations, we can

Web Marketing Training Outline

There are about 14 topics outlined above. It is best to test out different times, price, and locations.

This is a rough outline of the courses that can be used

• Each course can have multiple levels
o beginner
o average
o advanced / expert

• Time of each course can be
o 3-5 hours
o full day, 8 hours
• Courses can be interactive or PPT only

Introduction to SEO and Online Marketing

Getting site found in google, understanding what is a search engine + the world wide web (WWW), Customer + Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Trends, Customer Surveys, intro Analytics, intro Keyword research

On Site Analysis

Header, Meta, Site construction, multiple language optimization, Cache analysis, working with database driven websites

Keyword Research

wireframe structure, writing content that readers will like, keyword placement on website

B2B Internet marketing

calculate ROI, calculating lead cost (formula), Clear message, call to action, PPC marketing, improving CTR (click through rate), Landing Page Optimization

Ecommerce B2C SEO
multi channel marketing

how to monitor your progress

Tool – wordtracker SEO blogger
Tool – Google Adwords
Tool – Analytics
Tool – webmaster tools – site map submit

Personalization of search

universal search, Video SEO, merging of social SNS and SEO


Tools, Measuring, Comments, E-commerce measuring, conversions.

PPC campaigns

+ keyword research, Excel experience, Tool – Google Adwords Editor, Understanding the metrics, What those 3 lines mean, URL landing page text, Conversion Optimization

Landing Page Optimization (LPO)

improving CTR (click through rate), A/B testing, Multi-variate testing

Link Marketing

internal linking, Forum Marketing, PR release, Link Bait, link buildng by corporate departments, Guides, Customer / Supplier mentioning

SNS Social Media

General, Blog Strategies, Content creation, listening to customers, Article Syndication

TOOL – tweetdeck, socialoomph, followerhub,

Facebook marketing

LBS – foursquare

Google Plus

Understanding Black Hat
Grey Hat + Blue Hat SEO tactics
Link pyramids
Link wheels
Article Spinning
automated Link generating tools
icon link building

Local Marketing

Google maps, Foursquare, LBS, Yelp

Putting It all Together
Getting whole company involved

Case study – analyze websites, construction
Case study – analytics
Case study – social media
Case Study – website reviews

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  1. wow wow  wow
    pictures pictures pictures
    mom loved it
    what a seminar
    loved it great people at meeting
    what a write up

  2. Hey Michael,

    Congratulations on your first social media marketing seminar!

    From your outline I see that you’ve covered a lot in this seminar.  This is interesting, because I’ve been thinking, one day when I’m ready, may be I’ll launch a training course in China.  There’s no language barrier for me.

    The only question I have is that, I’m not  sure what I’ve learned about online marketing (from native English speakers using particular tools and platforms) applies to the Chinese businesses as well.

    For example, are they more used to using Google or Baidu for research, adword?  Are they using Weibo instead of Twitter, etc.? 

    I think your business will increase significantly if you teach web marketing in Chinese.

    To your higher success! 


    1. Hi Janus,

      I don’t want to say its impossible … But for me to teach in Chinese language seems unrealistic ….

      I teach these companies that are export sales driven… So its all in English , English tools, strategies, websites

  3. Congratulations, this must be more challenging than teach the college students… 

    1. Thanks Jason … I remember those courses in ecommerce I was doing in your university a couple years ago

      Keep on going .!!

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