Featured on a Chinese PR Site Sina.com!!!

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Pretty awesome, my speech at the Xiamen SEO event was posted on a Chinese PR site sina.com


Amazing, the photo is HILARIOUS! Translation is discussing my speech about SEO keyword research, importance of organizing your strategy before building a website, and the internet startup in Shenzhen, China that I am part of. Lets see how much coverage comes from this….gotta get out of the “box”

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  1. Hey dickhead, do you have any proof of this:

    “The Electrapour is very different from the annoying flashing LED pour spouts that seem like a good idea at first, but end up annoying your clients and eventually giving your bartenders seizures.”

  2. MF – You are my number 1 blog fan. Thanks for the continued reading and support! Cheers

  3. keep using your negative energy, my friend, takes a lot of brainpower. I wish you all the best in your life.

  4. …and keep making up lies about your perceived competitors, you piece of shit.

  5. Dear MF,
    keep up the loyal readership. Guess you should read a book about marketing after you are done commeting on me.

  6. Hey Mike, Kudos for getting some positive PR in a language you can’t even read!! Sorry about MF, as credible of a critique as he seems to be… 😉 All the best!

  7. Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

    good luck!! See you!

  8. Hello Mike,
    I study the new in SINA,but it is quite different with what you mentioned in this article.
    In English version,people can understand what you said.But in chinese version,I am afraid that seldom person would like to read what you said.Because it is not attractive.Your photo in SINA is more attractive than what you said in chinese version. Maybe the translator can not understand what you said at that time……..

  9. Author

    yea Brian,

    yea, seems no one understood it, and people who can read both chinese and english said the same thing too.

    seems SEO is still new in China….so the reporter maybe didnt understand?

  10. Hey Mike,
    I am thinking that what they would rather want an handsome boy posted on SINA newspaper than SEO words in SINA.:)
    Actually in Shenzhen city,Shanghai city,Beijing city,Guangzhou city, a lot of people work as SEO.Most of them do not know English.So it means that the English SEO market is very huge.A huge cake in China.
    First come,First eat! Do you?

  11. Are you ready to come into China SEO market? Do you make the preparation on it?
    Your advantage is English SEO.In chibnese SEO is not your advantage.When you enter into China english SEO market,I can say you will eat the cake untill your stomach full.

  12. Hi Mike,
    I am checking the time. I still work in the same company,from Monday to Saturday I have no time.Maybe on Sunday I have time.But I have to start to your address at9:00am, and get to your address at 11:00am.
    At 2:00pm I come back,and about 4:30pm arrive to my room.
    It is far away. 🙂

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