Opportunitree: Kid’s Book on Learning About Money

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Just received my copy of Opportuni-tree – a business book about money for kids!

A couple reasons:

1) My kids need to learn about money – so they can start to earn it

2) My buddy Adam the author of this book is finally taking his passion for art and making it into an online business and I am happy to support him on this journey.

Shipped it out from US of A to here in Asia and the kids loved the art (expected with Adam’s artist skills) and quickly insisted I read it to them.

So we whipped this book into shape right away, and after some photos of me and the kids with the book – we dove into reading it.

A father of a 5 year old and 3 year old – they were asking a few different questions

1) Why are the pigs so round (because they are so rich, as they have so much money)


2) how can i earn money to buy toys – YESSSSS!!

Will have my son helping me with some website work on the Chromebook here now for toy-money. And maybe selling some lemonade (or piggy cupcakes as the book refers to) to earn that cash to buy their next set of toys.

Glad to be reading a children’s book that is more practical than just about unicorns and ponies!

So what are you waiting for – if you’re a parent and want to teach your kids about money (so they can start earning it asap) – then buy this book – it is a great investment

Check out Opportunitree today – and Adam – keep up these books – think you found a great niche!

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