Build An Online Empire: Empire Flippers Book Review

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The crew at Empire Flippers came out with an ebook – and I had a chance to read through it! Here’s my review (posting on Amazon as well)

Grab your copy of the book here (or read my review there as well)

Great Refresher Of The Ways To Build Your Online Empire

Long time fan of the Empire Flippers and when I saw the Kindle book I figured I had to check it out. Even with over 15 years of experience in many of the ways they outlined in the book, I picked up a few nuggets of wisdom from the experts. Not only that, but it gave me insights on what to think about when either being a buyer or a seller of the various business models you can chose. One really good one was for book authors (like many here on the Kindle platform reading this very review) – that if you are building up books to later sell as a business, you had better make a new KDP account under an email address that you are willing to part ways with. Well now, in order for me to keep ownership of this very review here, seems I need to look into making a new KDP account – thanks Greg and the Empire Flippers crew for always keeping things real and putting out a great amount of knowledge and information for essentially FREE.

So to recap, this is a great book if you’re just starting out (as well as what to think about if you plan to sell the business) but also a fun refresher for some old guy like me who wants to make sure they’re not forgetting anything, get perspective, and pick up a nugget or two that they may have missed on the journey.

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