Daughter Turning 5, Birthday Again in Lockdown

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Getting towards the end of Jan 2021, and preparing for Chinese New Year (mid Feb 2021 this year). And, it is always our daughter’s birthday during this time.

She was born on the coldest day on record in Shenzhen, China in 2016 (watch that vlog here)

And her last 2 birthdays have been in lockdown up in cold Shenyang, China.

She truly is an ice princess like we called her on her day of birth.

She is so strong and so appreciative. A simple birthday cake and riding on a foot bike is enough for her. Yet at the same time, she hasn’t had a chance to have a birthday with a lot of her school friends as the last 2 have been in lockdown mode (turning 4 and turning 5).

Makes me really wonder what this future generation is growing up into.

Let us hope they are growing up into one that will take care of the Earth more. Wendy and I feel this COVID came as a result of humans truly punishing the earth with pollution and over population.

But here on her birthday, the family made dumplings and some raw green garlic – true northern Chinese food. Some cartoon TV with the kids, eating dumplings

And of course the cake. She loves her bunny rabbit and pink.

She paused for quite a few seconds to make a wish, candles lit, lights off, and poof – cake time.

Maggie, daddy loves you, and hopes next year you can enjoy a birthday party with a whole bunch of nice friends “in real life”.

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