Feels Like Flashback to 2010

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is Up to Now – Jan 24 – Jan 30, 2021

* It is my daughter Maggie’s birthday – turning five years old. Makes me realize how fast time is moving. There’s a lockdown here, so we’ll have a cake at home and just remember the day she was born.

The vlog when she was born is here

It makes me happy remembering that I was vlogging then. The memory is priceless.

* Still lockdown here in Shenyang. Deliveries from other parts of China are locked down too. We can only order online from suppliers in the Liaoning province (the state Shenyang City is part of).

* Working on “going back to 2010” with SEO and content creation services and ecommerce of bar products. Kind of full circle here, but lucky to have demand from clients for our services and it is a skill I have had for 15+ years. Plus, blessed with the best teams I’ve ever worked with, so let’s do this.

* Still adjusting to being a leader / manager. I’m trying to not micromanage each team member, and let the systems and operations management team take care of things.

For those wanting to read a select part of the company wide week plan letter I write the company, here you go 🙂


Jan 24 – Jan 30, 2021 Week Plan Shadstone Limited

Things are heating up and I almost feel like we are doing the business we did back in 2010! Which is selling bar products online and doing SEO as a service.

I guess this is what we are best at and what we are meant to do. And, it is a decent cashflow business for the team.

Been more and more impressed with the entire team and the way the operations management team has been developing. We are working on a system for standardizing the lead flow and new client flow.

Also, I have been more focused on sales and business development and we are gaining new clients on a steady pace. You will see more onboarding this week as well. Stay tuned for that. We hope to give more projects and more opportunities to people as we grow.

GFAVIP mastermind was last week but turnout was not as many as 2 weeks prior. Reflecting on the format and method of reminding people and keeping it interesting each time. More experts want to do private masterminds for our membership which is great.

The Key Blogging project is heating up with more writers regularly applying and we hope to add more work for our current team and new applicants.

Influencer outreach analyst is catching up with the onboarding tasks and training videos and we are working on the New York Bar Store Ambassador program. Again, we are going deeper into the bar products niche with the Amazon brand and the Thailand factory joint venture. We are building up the marketing and promotion department using the New York Bar Store brand.

Social media marketer has been getting the hang of all the tools and social media platforms. I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be for our new team members to get the hang of all the systems and tools, thanks for sticking with it.

IT development analyst is also helping part time with IT systems and has already done a few projects with us, thanks Manly for introducing him to the team.

Our “longer term” investment in the web 3.0 (decentralized web) via SkyInclude and Handshake mercenary forum is expanding now to Handshake.wiki – an open wiki that will be similar to our team’s Handbook but for the Handshake community to add and update the resources. A big believer in keeping the internet free and open. I have always been tired of the “walled gardens” of our current social media world, and hope these efforts we are contributing to Handshake ecosystem can help it grow a bit.

Trying to leave voice messages in the slack to keep in touch with the team more. I know how hard it is to share updates and what is happening with all of us working online and in different places. Hope this can help – feedback appreciated.

Next Week:
Onboarding new SEO and content creation clients. Further developing our systems and our team.

Working on a new Global From Asia header, the plan is to use Global From Asia to show not just GFA things and membership , but that we are also a content creation and internet marketing company! We should leverage GFA to help us get new projects – especially without Cross Border Summit and offline events.

Working on more ways to better manage our team’s effectiveness with data so we can further grow and work online with totally flexible hours and time.

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