Always on the Go? Get the COLORII Pockethub 6-in-1 USB Type C!

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COLORII Pockethub 6-in-1 USB Type C Review

When we travel, we need a perfect companion. A PocketHub is the best companion, it is portable and has an easy functionality with its plug-and-play specification– and COLORII Pockethub offers the best Pockethub.

How does Pockethub work?

COLORII Pockethub 6-in-1 USB Type C Hub

COLORII Pockethub 6-in-1 USB Type C Hub

A USB pockethub offers new services, the computer owners will enjoy the extended functionality of the computer system.The USB ports are used to expand the number slots of the clients. COLORII Pockethub 6-in-1 USB Type C Hub is best for a traveller like you! You can use the Pockethub with your on-the-go USB devices and not worry about your travel.

The COLORII Pockethub 6-in-1 USB Type C Hub is highly portable. It is reliable, well-designed and compact with a well-placed 6 USB ports. It only weighs 46 grams, and has a dimension of 94.5mm by 36.6mm by 8.66mm which makes it lightweight and compact for its portability. The PocketHub is available in the colors Gold, Silver, Grey and Pink! Choose the best Pockethub in your favorite color. Check out more of its features on the Pockethub 6-in-1 USB Type C review!

COLORII is a reputable brand from China that offers a high-quality technology and electronic products at an affordable price! The PocketHub 6-in-1 USB Type C review provides the pertinent information about the product.

The COLORII Pockethub have enough and more space of ports to connect to your laptop. With the use of its Type C port, it can pass-through charging and with an additional 2 USB 3.0 Type A ports, an HDMI port, an SD card reader, and a micro SD card reader.

The COLORII Pockethub 6-in-1 USB Type C hub is perfectly compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro, Samsung Chromebook Plus, Google Chromebook Pixel C, HP Spectre 12, HP Spectre 13, HP Elitebook Folio G1, DELL XPS, ASUS ZENBOOK U306UA, Lenovo Air 12.2 and other ultrabooks that has a USB Type C port.

The expected milliampere requirement for 3.0 USB port is 900mAh or 500 Volts. The USB 3.0 Type A port of COLORII can provide exactly the same power requirement as its maximum power output. The data transfer speed of USB 3.0 Type A port can make up 5Gbps, and it can support 2.5″ HDD up to 2TB.

More so, the USB Type C of the COLORII PocketHub can provide a maximum power input and output up to 60 Watts. You can charge your ultrabook with the Type C hub while the adaptor is plugged-in. The data transfer speed of USB Type C can make up to 10Gbps.

The SD card reader and micro SD card reader can support up to 256GB. Its HDMI port can support up to 4K @ 30hz. It can connect to an external monitor and can project in a dual display. You can confidently do this when you have a presentation in your work meetings.

You do not have to worry about the accessories for the COLORII PocketHub! It includes a UC docking, the product manual and a 1-year warranty card is included in the packaging box.

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