Christmas 2022, New Year Dreamlining

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Dec 25 – Dec 31, 2022

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What is Mike Michelini Up to Now – Dec 25 – 31, 2022

Kids love what Santa brought them – some small gift boxes of things they had asked for (toy hamster for Maggie, Star wars lego soldier for Miles) as well as some amazing community gifts from neighbors. So they are all sprawled out on the floor next to the Christmas tree – and I’m doing what I love – creating this week plan and “now now now”.


I’m a builder not a business man. Gotta just face those facts but anyone reading these blogs (since early 2007!) would tell you that I’m an artist not a business man. So continuing to face strengths – but just main development in 2022 was our rockstar (NINJA) team of leaders and managers. So back to the “now now now”

* Year end management call – will have our management team on 2 days of reflecting and planning for 2023.
* Wendy is back tomorrow – I survived the 1 month while she was away in Bhutan at the retreat (barely).
* Reflecting and picking the focus for 2023 – related to bullet 1, but more on a personal level and focusing on my own skill to best contribute.
* GFA Thailand – just confirmed a venue for a GFA ecomm meetup in Chiang Mai, and will dust off the shoulders as we bring back the community events.
* Discussing with our ecommerce brand partners – some strategic re-structuring and decisions.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Dec 25 – 31, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Sunday morning, Christmas morning – but still grinding and in a pomodoro typing up t he last week plan of 2022. Super excited and while I feel like we all feel this each new year – I truly feel 2023 is the year of scaling. 2022 we built so many things as a team – ecommerce brands, web3 auctions and projects, services for crowdfunding and our marketing and lead generation team – and most importantly

Have further grown and developed our team of LEADERS.

I’ll keep this one short – kids just opened santa’s presents – but please refer to last week’s week plan and look at the 4 buckets of projects (PL, GFA, 3C, HNS/web3) and lets all think on how to grow an even more amazing empire in the new year.

For me, this is such a long term play. And the foundation is really getting more and more rock solid – amazing team, developing leaders, great IT and tools and SOP bible.

And 2022 we chiseled out some amazing business lines and opportunities that are bearing fruit late 2022 but need still a lot of TLC (tender loving care) which I think is what we will do excellent on as a team in 2023.

Bonus Section - reflecting on 4 business buckets.

Rough outline of milestones from 2022 and plans for 2023

What was 2022

PL bucket
Akitai we became blogJV partners in Spring
Excalibur Brothers launched around summer
Esatto finally shipped container in summer, went live in VERY end of October
Pausing / slowing down Blimp push
Considering a holding co structure to scale up

HNS bucket
HandyCon was amazing in March 2022
Flamingo Handshake auctions moving along nicely
Started handshake.mastermind twitter spaces monthly
Handshake.mercenary forum couldn’t get re-launched
Indigitus was a mess the entire year, killing me inside.
Chipping away at SkyInclude videos

3C bucket
BeckyAI took most of the year (phase 1 + 2)
Partial attempt at a bigger China seller of Electronics
Old client phasing out (milestone!)
1 or 2 “Power hour” consulting sessions / GFAVIP member
Got lucky w/ influencer project

GFA community
Still not finding community manager
Somewhat kept monthly GFAVIP calls alive
Retained Mercury as sponsor, picked up Cross Better as sponsor – keeps things going!
Need to get Cross Border Summit re-started for nov 2023, in Chiang Mai
Q4 met Amazon Thailand / SE Asia and getting support to start meetups + workshops
Re-starting Chiang Mai meetups in Jan 2023, venue confirmed.

What is 2023:

Empower Christian more, equip him more
Andres is very excited and supportive – may make warehouse and small shop in Chiang Mai for Akitai / our holding co. Luciano may come and join.
Fix Esatto / warehouse problem, streamline cashflow, focus on top products, get influencers involved.
Idea – find an influencer marketing person to work across all brands, under an influencer marketing brand (Social Agent?)

Sponsors for HandyCon, should get the “regulars” onboard again
Improve submission process for Flamingo Handshake, go even more decentralized.
Will fix Indigitus situation

Treat other 3 buckets as clients of Shadstone ninjas and make clear agreements
Reduce 100% client relationships, and push always to be a partner with cashflow (that is the Shadstone dream)

Find community manager – maybe country community managers / chapter leaders ?
CBS 2023 MUST happen, no excuses – nov 2023 thailand
GFA = learning platform – – agree with Wendy must get “adult” training streamlined with the gfakids business.

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