Year End Personal Branding Evaluation

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2021

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Love the year end and I feel it is time to level up on business and my “personal” as we move into 2022.

  • Reflect on how to reposition my personal brand with returning to Shenzhen, doing GFA community, Indigitus router, Nowshenzhen media, Skyinclude & Flamingo Handshake events and auctions , FBA brands and courses, workshops and training, and so much more.
  • Onboarding financial officer at Shadstone
  • Year end evaluations for the team
  • Introducing Mona/ payment solution to HNS community
  • Indigitus ambassador AMA Friday morning Asia time

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2021 Shadstone Limited

Entering December – that means the last month of the year and reflection time. Planning time. Growth time (well hopefully it is always growth time for us at Shadstone ha!).

I think many of us were in awe with the positive vibe and energy at last week’s monthly team call. It was on Thanksgiving night and we shared what we are thankful for. I and basically, everyone were thankful for the team and company culture. It was so inspiring to me and want to invest even more in continuing to grow and inspire the team. We are making an empire and it is because we have these amazing people and the amazing positive attitude and culture.

One for learning, sharing, communicating, and growing together.

It has been such a rocky rollercoaster for the last couple years as Covid has destroyed businesses, families, and personal lives. And, I know many of you went through hardships, some more than others. I believe the worst of that is behind us and we are in a new world.

Lucky for us this new world is one where we have a head start – working online, online marketing, and ecommerce. All businesses will need this more and more at an accelerated pace.

So hope all of us stay as motivated and inspired as we are now and if you’re not, talk to our new and amazing HR team or anyone for that matter. If you are not fitting in, we are not forcing anyone to stay here. But we do ask that you give us proper time and notice to prepare and adjust if you do move on and leave the team.

Welcome our new bookkeeper which we are revising the title to “Finance officer” as it is much more than data entry and reports. He seems so motivated to learn about digital marketing and really enjoyed the team call last week (it was amazing for him to join it on his second day at Shadstone, ha)

Some bullets and highlights:

    • Launching a beta of “Mona/“ – an HNS payment WordPress plugin for Woocommerce shops. The developer has been working on this a while and it is amazing. Hope to make a new homepage, tutorial, and video this week and get some beta users on it.
    • Kicking off Shadstone monthly training sessions – been something I’ve wanted to do forever but we are making happen. Our HR associate is taking a poll of what day/time works best. And, in December I’ll host a Shadstone training session for the team on digital marketing trends for 2022. Most likely will be next Wed or Thurs night 7pm Manila on zoom.
    • Indigitus – the amazing product engineers on the team allowing us to share more updates and will do an AMA for ambassadors this Friday morning Asia time. Have more plans to engage and collaborate with our amazing and patient supporters.
    • Blimp Method program got new signups, our GFA community manager is helping with the email series.
    • Excalibur Brothers branding and trademark work.
    • Year end books and reporting and budgets and team evaluations need to get underway.
    • So much more, it is truly overwhelming but love what we do.

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