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Staying in Touch with Friends

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Staying in Touch with Friends Mike’s Blog 127 How do you maintain friendships, especially when on the other side of the globe? It has been 2 years since I’ve been back home to USA. I spent a few weeks in September/Oct 2015 going to San Francisco, New York, and Florida. My son was about a year and a half year …

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Foreigners Moving To China

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Foreigners Moving To China Mikes Blog 126 What’s the deal, why would anyone actually want to move into Mainland China? Why would someone want to leave their home country, their roots, their friends and family, and move into the wild,wild, East. Good question. After the last video blog where I did vent a bit about the recent growing challenges of …

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US Businessman Abroad

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Us Businessman Abroad Mike’s Blog 125 Today I’ll vent a bit. I’m an American. I was born in USA. Yup, so I’m part of an association of human beings called US Citizens and other human beings born in another piece of dirt in the world outside of that imaginary line are non-US citizens. Oh, ya, and some people not born …

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Preparing for the TV Show

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Preparing For the TV Show Mike’s Blog 124 It is getting real! In this video blog, we are behind the scenes with Mariko, Wendy, and I as we prepare for the first episode of E-commerce Gladiator. I could feel the pressure building up as the video blog continued on – then it got so real once the lighting was set-up …

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Doing Things That Scare You

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Doing Things That Scare You Mike’s Blog 123 I’m scared. I’m afraid. Yes, I said it, I am nervous. Courage – is not – not being afraid. Instead, it is acting against the fear. It is taking action and going forward even though we may lose, we may fail, things may not turn out the way that we thought they …

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Hail Storm in Prague – Mikes Vlog 021

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So I’m in Prague now! Arrived middle of last week after an intense conference in Barcelona. Why am I here? There’s a mastermind meetup (DC Prague) next Friday and then a speaker session on Saturday – and since I’m in Europe anyway may as well stick around! But there is like a week and a half, almost 2 weeks, between …

Heading to DCBCN (Barcelona) Later this Month

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Time is flying, I am heading to Barcelona for DCBCN. Felt like it was just January when I booked this! I’m pumped! I’m going to Europe after so many years. And to hang out with a bunch of my friends from Dynamite Circle. What’s DCBCN What is this event? Its the Dynamite Circle Barcelona event. It has been going for …

Sunday Morning Ramblings

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Decided to publish this, have a bit of creative writer’s block in my morning writing session so rambled a bit, I don’t feel bad if you skip this post Sunday morning reflections. Each day that goes by, I am closer to dying. Need to make each day count. Need to also realize that my body is just a container for …

Turning ideas to life, speaking at Mensa Hong Kong on Saturday July 19

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Download the presentation in pdf here I’m excited to speak this coming Saturday at the Hong Kong Mensa group about turning your ideas to life.   It will be a fun topic and I am sharing the info below for those interested to attend to check it out!  Free Group: Mensapreneurship  [ Entrepreneurship Workshop with Michael Michelini ] Entrepreneurship is no …

Arriving in San Francisco – Quick 2 days to maximize!

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Exciting time in USA! I’m typing this Monday morning (Cali time) in a San Francisco hotel. Attila, reading my news of coming to USA, met me in LA to spend the trip w/ me together all the way from LA to Seattle. I was supposed to fly from LA to Seattle this Wednesday – but Attila has a car and …

Airplane Rides Are Motivational Sessions

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Seriously, I don’t even bother trying to think I’ll sleep on these 14 hour flights. I am so excited and my mind is going a mile a minute. And I’ll be jet lagged anyway. So I use the flight to do a “brain dump” (thanks for that keyword Dustin!), cleaning up my notebook, writing blogs, reading books I’ve been meaning …

blogging on the road again, business traveler, travel blogger

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The longer I do business the more I realize I just have to accept that I will travel always, and instead of being like the majority of people here – I will have to learn how to work on the road. I am typing this today on my bluetooth keyboard, in the middle seat of a high speed train from …