2023 is the Year of AI - Re-reading Opportunity Book

2023 is the Year of AI – Re-reading Opportunity Book

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Imagine a world where

(Thoughts Become Reality)

You think of something, and without even needing to type it onto a laptop – it becomes a reality.

Up until 2022 – we had to go to google to search. Or sure use Google voice assistant to speak it.

But AI is coming and it is clear 2023 is the year we will remember as the year AI went mainstream.

We already were using it at our company Shadstone – such tools as jasper and speech-to-text – but now it is going to “infect” the entire organization and the entire service industry in 2023.

So after losing sleep for days and waking up thinking of more tools and services to build (stay tuned) – I remembered a book I read in 2018 by Eben Pagan – Opportunity.

Opportunity Book

This is a time for sure to revisit it. Back then it was still “too early” but as he said – it was a good time to mentally prepare for what is coming now – in 2023 – for the AI renaissance

What is the AI Renaissance?

Definition of a Renaissance by Wikipedia (though I could have just asked Chat GPT)

The Renaissance is a period in European history marking the transition from the Middle Ages to modernity and covering the 15th and 16th centuries, characterized by an effort to revive and surpass ideas and achievements of classical antiquit

Link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renaissance

Well – When I do ask Chat GPT it says

What is the AI renaissance?

The term "AI renaissance" is sometimes used to refer to a hypothetical future period in which there will be a significant advance in artificial intelligence and a corresponding impact on society. Some people believe that we are currently in the midst of an AI renaissance, while others believe that it is still to come. It is difficult to predict exactly when an AI renaissance will occur, or what form it will take, but it is likely that it will involve the development of more advanced AI technologies that are able to perform a wider range of tasks and have a greater impact on society.


The book – Opportunity

Here are my raw book notes from reading the book, Opportunity back in 2018, and my reading it now


Change is accelerating

Too many options

Need to be future proof

Bonus – big idea, best apps for 2018 live – download tools

Opportunity = potential reward

Creativerse – creative universe

*** practice your ability to create ***

Entering “The Great Acceleration”

Technological singularity

Start strengthening our imagination skills while world still at slow pace. SO WE ARE READY when they happen at the speed of through.

More opportunities = increased anxiety

Entrepreneur = takes resources from a lower level of productivity to a higher level of productivity.
Steve Jobs was an artist when it came to opportunities

TOO MANY SMALL opportunities become noise to a big opportunity

Greatest opportunities = emergent opportunities – taking what is currently available and combining it with something of higher order.

CREATIVITY = taking things you learn in one domain and applying them to another domain.
Practice so that it becomes habitual.

Your opportunities multiply in quantity and quality on how you decide which ones are right for you.

WHEN we are AFRAID – we only see safe opportunities – status quo.

Key Fear types to notice:
Fear of loss
Fear of conflict
Fear of rejection
Fear of the unknown
Fear of ambiguity
Fear of death (mother of all fears)

TO help fix this – SEE YOURSELF in 3rd person, looking over your shoulder.

If you think about future when afraid – you will be paranoid and not want to lose.

Monkey grape + cucumber experiment – even a great opportunity can be upsetting if we see others getting better ones than we think.

Read Charlie Munger’s book – Poor Charlie’s Almanack

Opportunities like being in a grocery store – they are everywhere. Lean back a little bit. – like groceries, bring a short list / a grocery list – and pick the opportunities you want.

Unlucky people miss chance opportunities because they’re too focused on looking for something else. They are too focused on finding that one thing – they miss opportunities to find a better chance.

Lucky people are more relaxed and open.

Intelligene is about maps and models.

When we say YES to one thing – e are saying NO to another

People need to WANT and GO GET what they want. If they aren’t going after what they want – then it must be a self-esteem issue when growing up.

Models – how processes work (dragonfly)

Bigger model + component models

How many days of work a month do i need to work to pay my expenses?

Future proof skills
Marketing? Learn 1 on 1 sales first

Logitech h1651 is a great headset.

Mastermind group

  1. Group
  2. High achievers
  3. Meet regularly
  4. Purpose of it
  5. Collaboration – group mind

Model A – Opportunity Estimation (1st pass)

Does it deserver a deep dive?
Most opportunities only have 20% chance of success.

Model B – Opportunties Evaluation (ROE)

  • Return on experience – will I learn skills I want ot learn from this
  • Opportunity cost – say yes to this, say no to other things
  • ROI – emotional ROI, learning ROI, the risk is time/energy/money/resources

Model C – Opportuintiy Decision (Decide = Sui-Cide, Pesti-cide)

Be good at selection
Curate – care for. Librarian

HAPs – holistic actualization points (score 1- 10)

Body Check

  • Gut
  • Integrity
  • Higher self-flow state


  • How flexible are you on price?
  • What’s your best price right now
  • Would you take ____ in cash right now?

Take negotiation seriously – HIGH leverage TIME.

Better deals with BUYING – not when selling

Get the BEST things at GOOD prices
Get Good things at the BEST prices

Opportunity Design (creator) – discodesign

Discodesign – discovery design

Opportunity Testing & Validation

Run chart – staibility
Tempering = making changes that think help

Everything is a test – Jay Abraham

Don’t fall in love with y our ideas

Kpi – website visitors, options, sales

30 days/points

Feedback isn’t real-time

Types of feedback

  • From
  • Prospects
  • Customers
  • Surveys
  • Sales
  • Marketing test

Opportunity Iteration, Scaling, & Management

Go for version 3.0 – 1.0 is always too early, 2.0 is a decent improvement, 3.0 is the result.

Good opportunity is HARD – for you – as well as others.

Work with SUPERSTARS. No weak links

Book – topgrading by Brad Smart

Opportunity Innovation & Collaboration

Collaboration – tessellation – rocks rolling around together – Steve jobs

We all need 3 projects
1 business
1 contribution project
1 hobby/passion project

HOPE = highest opportunity for evolution

Personal vision quest.

Bonus section of the book

Opportunity = portal – skip a level – like in a video game

Opportunity = sacred spirit

Comfort zone – get out of it

People like to gamble/ lottery because – it gives them a chance to get ahead without having to change, without having to learn, think, or leave comfort zone

But gambling is a trap

Embrace It – You Cannot Ignore or Resist It

It is coming. Already I am not even sure if what services people are doing (especially writing) are done by the person or AI.

The same for programming. You can program in this AI and it does it. It is mind blowing.

But you can’t be one of those stubborn people in history who says it is not good and it will not replace them. It will, it will only get better. This is only the first version of it and it will exponentially learn and improve.

My buddy and business partner Luciano, an artist, says this

With the emergence of Ai, all designers, writers, and creators should be 100% focused on learning more about business rather than perfecting their skills.

Your skills won't matter in an Ai driven world.

Things to learn in an Ai driven world: leadership, strategy, management, resource allocation, business, and marketing.

What Am I Doing? I’m creating a Massive list of Creative ideas

I’m working on exercising my creativity to a whole new level.

For years I have been practicing better expressing myself and outlining and speccing out what I need help with.

Now it is a whole new level. Will be drafting out as many as I can mentally bear – and keep on pushing my mind to its limits.

Because soon – the world will be anything we can think of. Think – and it will be done.

So creative thought is all that matters. The AI will need our creative input on what to do.

What Will Humans Do in an AI powered world?

Let’s ask Chat GPT

what will humans need to do in an ai world?

It is difficult to predict exactly what role humans will play in a world with advanced artificial intelligence, as it will depend on the specific capabilities of the AI and how it is used. However, it is likely that humans will still be needed to perform a variety of tasks, including:

Making decisions: AI systems may be able to handle many routine tasks, but they are unlikely to be able to make complex decisions in the same way that humans can. Humans will likely continue to be responsible for making strategic and ethical decisions.

Creativity: AI systems may be able to generate new ideas or solutions to problems, but it is unlikely that they will be able to match the creativity and ingenuity of humans.

Emotional intelligence: AI systems may be able to process and analyze data, but they are unlikely to be able to understand or respond to emotions in the same way that humans can. This means that humans will continue to be needed to provide emotional support and care to others.

Regulation and oversight: As AI systems become more advanced and integrated into society, it will be important for humans to ensure that they are being used responsibly and ethically. This will require the development of new laws, policies, and oversight mechanisms to regulate the use of AI.


What Will Humans Do in an AI powered world?

I see those worlds where I am dressed in all white, in an all white building, speaking with others about concepts. Sparking my creativity, and then asking the AI to do tasks for me based on that inspiration.

Having a website for each idea, and where to share and post those industry specific topics and output you have.

It is all about original and creative thought.

So for our portfolio, the idea is that I am constantly thinking and generating new creative concepts for these ideas and then outputting those AI supercharged and enhanced ideas into various public forums (websites – web2 domains and/or web3 domains).

Positive Mindset More Important Than Ever

Now it is even more important – positive mind – positive results will be even more critical.

As the opposite also holds true – now more than ever. Negative thinking has a negative result.

So we must stay positive – and that means stay healthy, sleep well, take care of ourselves.

Revisiting My Vision board (created in 2017)

This will come true – this will come true. This will come true.

Already pretty close, just need a more creative window space – but a place to create, and build, and think clearly.


Let’s manifest our destiny. Let us use this new AI powered world to focus on our true passion. It is scary – even for me – but we must evolve.

Main Point – Get Inspired by Eben Pagan’s book – Opportunity

Perfect for the new AI world

GRAB the Opportunity book now

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