Canton Fair Trip - April 2023

Canton Fair Trip – April 2023

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Another Canton Fair down in the history books – and our Global From Asia community and crew was able to host another tour. First since Covid came down upon us – things were warming back up – border issues/ visa issues – so the group was less than expected – yet we made the most of it.

Also working closely with Amazon Singapore Global Selling team as a SPN (service network provider) at Global From Asia, so the idea is we can do this every Canton Fair as an official service provider (tour guide and training ha)

We started the trip on Sunday April 23, and it was 3 days, 2 nights. A group of just under 10 people, we of course had the canton fair itself. But including transportation to/from the airport, as well as meals (breakfast/dinner), and workshops / masterminds / round tables.

The crew enjoyed it – was able to document some testimonials – and already thinking of the next one for October 2023! Check out for the latest info.

Also – was asked by GDTV (Guangdong TV) to be interviewed and followed around to see how I am sourcing and guiding this trip.

Answering questions on Canton Fair In April 2023

My friend Gary Huang asked some info – and figured I’d share on the blog too!

I’m writing an overview of the spring 2023 canton fair for my newsletter. If you attended Canton Fair I’d love if you could take 5 mins to answer the quick questionnaire below. Also if you’d like to be cited or link back pls share your URL/email etc. thanks

1. Have you attended canton fair before? How was this years fair compared to pre Covid?
Yes, have attended at least 10 canton fairs over the years before covid.

2. Exhibitors – were there less/same/more exhibitors booths than before?
I’d say about the same. The booths were all full. Also noticed more “buying/selling” of booths as I think there was 3 years of aftermarket sales (factories buy/sell booth slots) – so many names of companies didn’t match up.

3. Buyers – same question as above
Noticeable more domestic buyer badges. Didn’t even know this was a badge before (maybe new or expanded) but think due to the border still not fully re-opened to pre-covid times less overseas buyers came. You can see the blue lanyards as the indication they are overseas buyers, and noticeably less.

4. What surprised you most about this years edition? Anything new or different now?
As mentioned in above answers – 2 points – much more buying/selling of booths (many names of booths didnt match the company attending) and much more domestic Chinese buyers.

Also – you could feel the “hunger” more of the suppliers. They were more aggressive coming out of their booth to approach you, and more eager to do business. You could feel their excitement and urgency.

5. Overall impression (2-3 sentences)?
This April / Spring edition of Canton Fair shows we are still “warming up” after the 3 year lockdown of covid. The October canton fair will be more “back to normal”, many of us felt the OG and “hard core” people made it this Spring, and by Fall – the borders will be more relaxed, there will be less pressure to get a China visa (many couldn’t get visa appointments in time), and just more overseas buyers will come.

6. Your name and URL
Mike Michelini

Thank you

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