What is Mike Michelini Up To Now – April 30 – May 6, 2023

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – April 30 – May 6, 2023

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Back in Chiang Mai a few days, resting and recovering from hyper Asia travel.

* Admin, finance, HR- huge pile, more HR interviews, finance reports to do.
* Cross Border Summit early bird, sponsor call – huge demand , just need to prepare the campaign – save the date – Nov 16-17 in Chiang Mai
* Ecommerce product research and launch processes – after Canton Fair, a long list of new product ideas. Further refining our team process on this.
* Restructuring – aligning all projects and partners.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan April 30 – May 6, 2023 Shadstone Limited

Rest and recovery finally kicking in. Since late March been on an intense Asia “tour” and looking forward to next week as a full week back in the “office” here in Chiang Mai. To be honest been on medicine since Thursday and 90% recovered (think just physical exhaustion)

Last week:
* New product research, product research processes – great to see Christian and Nikko working well together and all of us with Sally and others collecting information from the Canton Fair, from various chat groups, making files, folders. Making research. Being “real” about what product is good and what is not. Thinking of a regular call / system for choosing best products as well as coordinating with suppliers on it.
* Completed Canton Fair trip – mission accomplished, getting testimonials. People happy. Learning, taking notes, collecting surveys – thinking about the next one for October 2023
* Deposit paid for Cross Border Summit venue in Nov 16-17 – Wendy put the hotel deposit down. Also calls with sponsors, speakers partners underway. People asking how to buy early bird tickets, etc. Need to prepare all of that now that we are done with Canton Fair.
* Flamingo handshake action, HNS Halving, HNS marketing – lots of calls and community building last week for the Handshake community.
* Various restructuring, new opportunities, this kind of stuff hard to put in a week plan as it is developing – but basically working as hard as we can to restructuring some older business deals that have evolved. Hope to make a big PR release and a massive new beginning.
* Team – more applications coming in for community, client services, content, ecommerce. So much to do and really pushing limits.

So much more honestly, but those are some highlights from my “med’d up” self this Sunday morning.

Next week:
* Financials, HR, admin – a huge pile of admin things awaiting me on Monday morning. Budgets, financial reports, accounts payable, receivable. Hope to clean it all up.
* Ecommerce product flow, launch flow -an ever evolving process. Also more kpi reports in general. And dashboards.
* Cross Border Summit preparing launch early bird, sponsorship calls- with canton fair done time to work on CBS-5
* More restructuring – again, sorry to tease but really too early to say more. But basically re-align all projects and partners.
* Fun fact- New York Bar Store, our first “main” ecommerce store – launched on May 5, 2005 – almost 20 years ago.

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