Building an Awesome Team – Which Xmen Character Are You?

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Maybe I’m such a nerd, but this movie “The Wolverine” recently made me think more about TEAMS and working in groups. And the most important thing I think about working with other people is UNDERSTANDING WHO YOU REALLY ARE…..

I know, I think this is hard, to accept facts that we are born with some advantages, and over our childhood, whether its due to our environment (I love the idea we are products of our environment) or preference for what we like to do….we form strengths….and unfortunately weaknesses due to lack of focus and attention on those things in life we are not interested in, or do not dedicate time developing.

As we get older, we get more and more focused on a specific job, industry, or function…..and its harder and harder to learn new things. Forcing ourselves to learn new things is hard (speaking for myself, but I am sure I am not alone), yet we have to face facts and realize that in today’s rapidly changing and growing environment, where information and ideas spread around the world in seconds….we gotta WAKE UP AND SMELL the coffee…..its sink or swim time.

What are my strengths? I do see myself as more of a generalist….I know, that annoying saying “jack of all trades, master of none”, that has been haunting me for my whole life…..and as I approach 30 years old, I think now more than ever what are my real strengths in life and in business…..

One thing I have learned, and realized in life, true value is the team and network around you. I think my mistake when I first started my trek into “entrepreneurship” was focusing on the product or service. Of course that is important and core to your success….but I think even more basic is ensuring you have the SUPPORT NETWORK around you. Now, that is NOT only customers, but its also suppliers, operations, knowledge or at least people to go to for that knowledge.

Because as much as we think our current product or service is, life moves on. And we need good people. Trustworthy people, people from all kinds of backgrounds, skillsets, and cultures.

Problem is, and maybe thats why some entrepreneurs go to MBA school, is how to meet these like minded people? As the network, the “who you know” becomes more and more critical. Its not really the knowledge you get in the classroom, its the network you build with those other “educated” and “networked” people in the room with you.

I keep on going to that DISC method to measure personalities and strengths. I just keep remembering the presenter stressing that in order to be successful, you need to make sure your office, department, team, whatever group is it, has these 4 styles of people and personalities.

So who am I? I am a D and an I….meaning Dominant and Influencial. Of course this depends on the situation I am in, but normally I see myself as Wolverine in the Xmen group…I am rather emotional….and let my mind get ahead of itself…..but I also see that as raw passion not to let things get in my way.

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  1. “we are products of our environment”That’s true. we are influenced by what we are experiencing everyone. Different job also make the people form certain habit, which in the same way influence our personality and then decide our destiny

    1. Author

      personality…..i always wonder how it is shaped……soooooo dynamic….is it birth, time of birth location of birth, environment growing up……when is it solidified, can it be changed…..

      what makes us who we are…..i guess its a mix of all of the above…..but we just need to keep in mind that we cannot be everything to everyone…..and therefore have to learn how to play with others

      1. hehe…It is very brave to be who you are sometimes. There is a saying in China, ” To be a man is just like to be an ancient coin in China—square inside, round outside”That’s why you think we have to learn how to play with others?

        1. Author

          yes, we are afraid to be who we really are….I think its scary to admit what we are weak at….

          I have no patience that is obvious about me….I need to take more care, and focus more….and MA MA LAI – step by step.

          I think once we accept who we are, then we can maximize our life

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