Future of Baby Management? Launching Smart AI Baby Camera BeckyAI

In blog, business by Michael Michelini

My kids are too old for this – but it is something all parents in the future age (feeling old) should know about and consider.

A smart baby camera – not just one of those that you can remotely dial in and watch them from your phone – but one that knows if the baby has rolled over, is overheating, is crying, etc.

Plus on top of that it is smart enough to make a time lapse photo album as the baby grows up.

And super on top of that – our company and I have had the pleasure to work on the project from its early conceptions and launch on Kickstarter.

Launching on Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022 at 9am Eastern – first dibs to some truly epic pricing and bonuses.

Check the Kickstarter Here
Check the Website Here

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