46 Best Tools for Successful Content Marketing

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 Successful online marketing seems to be a big deal and this needs some powerful tool to help you along the way. Here are 46 powerful tools for successful content marketing:

  1. SPUN for iPhone– It organizes and looks after the popular content that is available across the Internet. It takes into account the sources such as blogs and social media.
  2. Feedly– It is the leading RSS reader. Once you set up your Feedly account with your desired blogs, websites, magazines, journals etc , it gives you a decent amount of content.
  3. Pulse.me (no longer online) – Similar to Feedly, it works on the same pattern of curating feeds from your chosen websites.
  4. Quora– Quora is a famous platform where thousands of ideas are discussed everyday, you can discuss and realize the depth of your ideas by indulging with other members.
  5. Trapit– An iPad-customized app helping you personalize your content by taking into account your feedback and provides you with the similar content feed.
  6. Inbound dot org – A really good tool for finding innovative ideas online. You can also find popular content here.
  7. li– Allows you to look for organized newsletters/newspapers online from various online resources.
  8. Alltop– It allows you to find indexed content from the Internet based publications. It has various categories such as work, health, interest, culture etc.
  9. Twitter– Twitter needs no introduction. The trending topics on Twitter help you know what’s popular out there those days.
  10. Reddit–  It allows you to analyze the popularity of a topic by showing the popularity score with the topic helping you with the popular trends.reddit

Marketing and Distribution Tools

  1. Buffer– It is a scheduling tool on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, also it helps you set the best time of the day to schedule your post to attract bigger amount of traffic.
  2. Slideshare– Often overlooked by marketers, this tool allows you create a deck and hence attract visitors to your main website.
  3. Yoast– Yoast plugin is for people who know it’s worth, The WordPress search engine optimization plugin that helps you rank your post on top.
    wordpress seo by yoast
  4. MailChimp– MailChimp stands with its head high in email marketing. It allows you send your advertisements to your email list hence conveying your message.
  5. Promoted (boosted) Facebook Posts – It does cost a bit but eventually helps your brand by giving it a better visibility.
  6. Inbound Writer– A content optimization service helping you monitor the topics readers seem to be interested in, understand their mentality and other options.
  7. PRWeb– A platform to create and share your SEO optimized press releases allowing you to share the content 30,000+ journalists.
  8. Followgen– This tool helps you filter the finest audience for your brand promotion on the social media.
  9. Tweriod– It works like Buffer, but it is more advanced since it takes into account the ideal times with respect to different regions and zones and then schedules your content.
  10. Bundlr (no longer online)– It is well understood that the more you offer, the more customers you get. So Bundlr lets you create topics with articles, tweets, photos, videos and more with a simple plugin “Bundle This!”

    Online Organization Tools

  1. Trello– A free tool to help you organize your tasks and share your stuff with other people through boards and cards.
  2. Evernote– It helps you note down the fresh ideas from across the globe. You can also edit your noted down ideas.
  3. Google Calendar– A perfect tool for organizing your production profile.
  4. IFTTT– Connect different applications and accounts and devise something new!
  5. Wunderlist– Using this app on either your PC or smartphone allows you to create your work list and also allows you to share it with your team! Also allows taking their feedback.
  6. Pinterest– Pinterest is the fastest growing platform where you get to share your content publicly or privately. It helps you organize your resources in terms of ‘boards’.
  7. Pocket– Similar to Evernote, it serves as a platform to help you save resources like articles, videos and images.
  8. Remember The Milk– Makes remembering tasks easy! You get an SMS of every scheduled task and reminders. You can add tasks with iGoogle.
  9. Harvest– Helps you plan your next day of content strategy and become more productive.
  10. MindNode– Only for iPhone, iPad and Mac, this app maps the ideas on MindNode canvas elaborating the thoughts with images (and saves everything on iCloud).
  11. ClockSpot: An online clock that helps the employers keep an eye of the team while working on time and overtime, and also helps reviewing the timesheets easy.

Content Creation Tools

  1. Meme Generator .co– Memes are becoming a bigger part of online content now. So this tool lets you post with cartoon characters in the posts or create your own.
  2. ly– Helps you acquire the best infographics for your content. Note that Visually does cost a bit more than usual.
  3. Google Keyword Tool– Helps you search popular keywords for your posts so that your content appears to be at the top of search engine results.
  4. GIMP–Helps you create excellent visual content. Can be used for image authoring, photo retouching and image composition.
  5. Resize.it– Helps you resize images according to the requirement be it an ebook, blogpost, PDF or infographics.
  6. Issuu– Make attractive lookbooks and magazines through this tool.
  7. Canva– A designing software helping you create images,infographics, posters, presentation slides and other images. A free to use service.
  8. Embedded Tweets– What more can be better than adding live tweets to your content?! Through this tool, tweets are showed with images, summaries of articles and videos.
  9. PowToon– Helps you create animated videos hence making your content more engaging.

Content Writing Tools

  1. Contently– A comprehensive platform allowing employers to hire and pay the freelance writers.
  2. Skyword– Different levels of writing services are available here via 200,000 writing professionals such as content writers, storytellers, designers and videographers.
  3. Textbroker– Similar to Skyword, Textbroker also provides you the desired content in 10 different languages.
  4. Compendium– Measure your content’s effectiveness on different online platforms from this single dashboard.
  5. Shareist– Offers right kind of research tools, curation tools, scheduling tools and page creation tools helping you remain active on social media.
  6. Lingospot (no longer online) – Automated content marketing is provided offering flexible control.
  7. NewsCred– An interactive platform offering sources full of images, articles and videos boosting content marketing.

This was a mixed plate of tools. However, if you wish to read powerful tools for Twitter since Twitter is the leading platform for businesses, please see this page.

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