Leveraging This Exploration Trip as a Time to Reflect and Re-Invent

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Wendy and I often take these few week trips away from the normal grind. I think the last one was last Chinese New Year when we took Maggie and went to her friend’s remote house east of Shenzhen by the beach. Not much internet, just did some writing and reflecting. And reading.

I have only been on this trip for about a week and gone through a book and a half – funny part is I am not reading new books – but instead re-reading books I enjoyed in the past. I realize so many times I am rushing through books to try to suck up the information to go to another book – but I enjoy it so much more on the second time. Not sure what that means about me and my personality type, but knowing what is coming helps me absorb it a lot more.

As we go through this journey, we are getting photo and video updates of our kids at their grandparent’s house in Shenyang, China. Also with the occasional video call too – they are so happy there. I am glad they are not missing us too much. So it allows us to travel more confidently – they are such independent kids like mommy and daddy.

Wendy will be going to a meditation retreat in Malaysia and I will tag along at least for the beginning. Two and a half hours away from KL, will probably not be much to do there except read and reflect. But that is so healthy- I realize again and again that we are rushing through life to try to “Read”, “learn”, “do” as much as possible but we are not actually absorbing.

Step by Step we are both becoming more comfortable in our own skin. To not be thinking too much about our past, to not be too nervous about our future – but to instead be living here in the present. The hear and now. Because that is all we really have control over, and that is all we should be trying to focus on – the now. The here. This is something I got from my second time reading the book The Way of The Peaceful Warrior.

Where are we? No, not in Cebu, Philipppines (where I’m typing this up) but instead we are “here”.

What time is it ? No, it isn’t 7:45am on Monday – it is NOW!

Live in the here and now. Step by step we are getting better at accepting this is really all life is meant to be – to live in the here and now. Yet our minds (not our brains) make it so hard for us to live in the present – we are always so distracted by the past or the future.

Then there is a great saying my late grandmother Nana always had hanging on the wall at her house

I can’t remember exactly but it goes something like this:

Yesterday is behind us
Tomorrow is in the future
Today is a gift, that is why we call it the “present”.

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