Cross Border Blogger Lifestyle – Why I have 3 Phones & All This Other Gear!

Posted by Michael Michelini | Aug 13 2014 | Comments (2)

Typing this on the road in Beijing Airport – and I am not regretting carrying all this stuff. I use them almost daily – minus some of the wires / USBs – but they do help a lot I posted this photo on my social media a couple weeks ago and got a ton of […]

Turning ideas to life, speaking at Mensa Hong Kong on Saturday July 19

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jul 14 2014 | Comments (0)

Download the presentation in pdf here I’m excited to speak this coming Saturday at the Hong Kong Mensa group about turning your ideas to life.   It will be a fun topic and I am sharing the info below for those interested to attend to check it out!  Free Group: Mensapreneurship  [ Entrepreneurship Workshop with Michael […]

10 Apps I Use on my Roadtrip Travels to Work Anywhere!

Posted by Michael Michelini | Feb 14 2014 | Comments (1)

Typing out this blog in the passenger side of our van on this very road trip – and I was asked by some people what workflows and systems I use to keep up with work while on this 1 month road trip – I think its better to break it down by app. Have passed […]

Arriving in San Francisco – Quick 2 days to maximize!

Posted by Michael Michelini | May 15 2012 | Comments (1)

Exciting time in USA! I’m typing this Monday morning (Cali time) in a San Francisco hotel. Attila, reading my news of coming to USA, met me in LA to spend the trip w/ me together all the way from LA to Seattle. I was supposed to fly from LA to Seattle this Wednesday – but […]

Airplane Rides Are Motivational Sessions

Posted by Michael Michelini | May 10 2012 | Comments (3)

Seriously, I don’t even bother trying to think I’ll sleep on these 14 hour flights. I am so excited and my mind is going a mile a minute. And I’ll be jet lagged anyway. So I use the flight to do a “brain dump” (thanks for that keyword Dustin!), cleaning up my notebook, writing blogs, […]

blogging on the road again, business traveler, travel blogger

Posted by Michael Michelini | Apr 16 2012 | Comments (2)

The longer I do business the more I realize I just have to accept that I will travel always, and instead of being like the majority of people here – I will have to learn how to work on the road. I am typing this today on my bluetooth keyboard, in the middle seat of […]

Connecting Major USA All Recipes to a Chinese Ecommerce Startup

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 29 2012 | Comments (1)

Allrecipes has arrived to China! I have been talking to Dennis from all recipes for a few months now, about coming to China and learning the market more. They do have domain, but have not yet invested in opening a company or an office in China, currently have one Chinese staff residing in America, […]

Startup tuesday going well…even with me away on the road!

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 22 2012 | Comments (3)

Really excited to post today….earlier this week Startup Tuesday went along smoothly even without me stressing out and pushing people!! I was in hong kong airport picking up Doug to visit china for the first time and couldnt be at the meeting….Rachel and Henry and Bruce stepped up to hold things down while I was […]

Mobile phone revolution is here, my newest equipment

Posted by Michael Michelini | Mar 19 2012 | Comments (20)

Truly amazing…typing this full blog post from my new android bluetooth keyboard on my way between offices. My latest battlegear: Samsung galaxy note mobile phone – bought a couple weeks ago for 5,300hkd (about $700usd) with a 1 year contract at china mobile hong kong (monthly phone bill is 68 hk dollars a month for […]

Monumental Week Last Week…Sunday night Recap

Posted by Michael Michelini | Feb 19 2012 | Comments (4)

I am so freaking excited! Last week almost destroyed me…physically, emotionally….and on some nights financially…but I made some new connections, lost maybe one or two (can’t keep everyone happy) and have made some solid moves to ensure this year is a rock solid one! I normally would writeup a separate post for each of these…but […]

USA is making me focus, and realize –> I belong in Asia, feeling…guilty

Posted by Michael Michelini | Oct 04 2011 | Comments (4)

Coming back to America always is a reflecting point for me, meeting my friends and family, seeing where they are in their life, their goals, dreams ….and of course they always ask me “what is it you do, exactly”? And I have been lectured to, as a friend, to get a focus… some read this […]

in Hong Kong, Last Minute Scramble for USA Trip Plans

Posted by Michael Michelini | Sep 21 2011 | Comments (2)

Again blogging on my mac air from a bus in hong kong….I guess it is pretty amazing I can type as I have a screaming cantonese women yelling in the phone behind me, crying baby in front of me, and a fat old guy with his setback pushed back up against this laptop screen….but ***** […]

Chinese Relationship Building Weekend, Waterpark + Hiking

Posted by Michael Michelini | Sep 17 2011 | Comments (0)

Typing this sunday afternoon, waiting for the bus from dongguan to shenzhen….what a long and perspective-building weekend! Started on Friday night, rushing to catch last bus to da lang district of dongguan from Longgan district of Shenzhen. Been getting better at traveling in China alone, but when I’m in these massive bus terminal networks it […]

American Friend Selling NYC Real Estate to Hong Kong + Asia

Posted by Michael Michelini | Sep 01 2011 | Comments (0)

End of last week I took a trip to Hong Kong and Macau to be “tour guide” for my college buddy Ish. I have done this in the past for friends from America visiting, like Hasan coming to HK from Pakistan travels and I really am excited to be able to meet my American buddies […]

The Aftermath After Vacation While Running Your Own Business

Posted by Michael Michelini | Jun 29 2011 | Comments (1)

Really did my best to de-stress…but the emails and “wired” self that I am I couldn’t help but try to reply to urgent emails and monitor emails as they flowed in. Being an open, social media, blogger dude, I would openly tell people I’m trying to take a vacation. Most of the time people would […]

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