Wrapping up 2020

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to now Dec 27, 2020 – Jan 2, 2021

The new year always gets us excited. A fresh start is coming. And this year, many of us are excited to have 2020 behind us.

As I mentioned in a recent vlog, planning for 2021 is a tough one. But here’s the rough idea this week:

* Building leaders in Shadstone. Need to delegate more and entrust the team and department leaders to do things without my “micromanagement”. Just a phase I believe.
* Making tons of HNS / Handshake videos on SkyInclude youtube. Really taking over my brain space is the “new internet” called dWeb / decentralized web. Believe it will take off in 2021.
* SEO leadership 4 hour marathon call Wednesday afternoon
* Scale By Outsourcing webinar Tuesday night
* Reflecting on 2020, planning 2021. But most likely no Cross Border Summit or other offline events in store as it needs a lot of advance planning. Once things are more clear for 2021 travel, only then can we start to plan 2022 Cross Border Summit.

For those who want to read the company week plan, I share selective parts of it publicly here:


Week Plan Dec 27, 2020 – Jan 2, 2021, Shadstone Limited

Wow, this week plan I had to write 2 different years in it – 2020, and 2021. Now is the time we always write 2020 when we are supposed to write 2021.

In other words, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Each new year, people and companies have a fresh start and are excited about the new beginnings. No one could have predicted 2020. And, on a podcast intro I mentioned a call I had which was summarized as:

  • Started with Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash
  • Volcano eruption near Manila
  • US riots, Black Lives Matter movement
  • US election insanity
  • California wildfires

And a whole lot more … Unrest. And, Change.

But on the other side of this tragedy is the new world. The new normal. Online businesses, working from home, ecommerce / Amazon FBA, crypto – all are growing like never before.

We are well-positioned for this new normal after decades+ of working inside of it. Probably you are hearing it too from your friends, your neighbors, your family members. All are learning more about working from home, learning more on how to go online and promote their businesses, how to sell on ecommerce as their offline/storefronts are not open.

So let’s all stay healthy and safe as that is the most important in today’s world.

Last week, I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday. Honestly as the team has grown, I am also adapting to holidays and not being as much of a workaholic. I still work on Christmas, and weekends, and put in tasks in the portal. But doesn’t mean you need to (or should) work on those days. Just learning how all of us, fully remote, fully flexible time, adjust to working together.

I have been chatting to all of you more and adjusting. I hope everyone else is doing well and hope to learn more on what you want to do and how the company can help you.

I’m also working on building up and structuring our org chart. We are building leaders and the long term goal is everyone on our team now becomes leaders. I need to “let go” more and allow leaders here as we are so blessed with an amazing and talented team. So this is something we are studying on how to do.

Again, this coming week is still “holiday” mode for most people. I’m still a workaholic and honestly holidays and new years push me to work even harder so I am always willing to talk to all of you.

Wednesday afternoon, we will have a “marathon” 4-hour meeting with our SEO leadership team to go through our various websites and internet marketing projects for year end and plan the new year. I’m really excited for this.

Also Tuesday night we have another Scale By Outsourcing webinar. This time, it is more focused on the softwares we use as the sales pitch and main offer, with the SBO course as a bonus.

Working hard on getting the GFAVIP masterminds organized for the second main session on Jan 5.  I’m making a spreadsheet and trying to group all members up to encourage more engagement and participation.

Last, but not the least, some of you may have seen emails and other alerts in various tools of Sky Include, our newly developing service on the web 3.0 / Decentralized web / Handshake domains. I’ve been making videos like crazy as always. But, instead of making them private SOP videos just for our team, I want to educate the whole internet – all, including the team. Some of you are starting to learn it too, and I do believe this will really go more mainstream in 2021.

Hope I covered everything. Let’s just be thankful for what we have and I hope all of you enjoy working with Shadstone as I do.

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