Back in Asia! Both New Years are Over. What is Up?

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Back in Asia – Both New Years Are Over – What Is Up!

So we are in 2018 and in the Chinese New Year of the Dog – finally a full “new year”

I’m getting over jet lag – pro tip – don’t take kids on international flights. Make adults travel, not kids! Actually Maggie is still not fully adjusted and it’s been about 5 days now – but almost there now.

Well, we are “fully in 2018” – sure, for most of you Jan 1 would mean we are in the new year – but those dealing with China business would say not until after Chinese new year. Jan / Feb are always these weird months where you are going through multiple new years – this is why I traveled to USA – as China was basically shut down the past couple weeks.

Now that we are fully into the year of the dog (Chinese calendar) and we’re entering March – thought I’d share what is up for the new year.

Of course – content creation – I feel I’m an artist more than a business person (My middle name is Angelo – so I’m Michael Angelo) – seems like my destiny. So don’t worry – these video blogs on Mike’s blog will continue. And the content machine on Global From Asia will continue with blogs and podcasts – we also have TV interview series that will grow.

You’ve noticed I go to Hong Kong a lot – I’m a content creator and social media “dude” for VR agency which is making amazing AR filters for Facebook and other creative projects for clients. Making more video content and blogs on various sites to grow the reach and spread virtual reality vibes.

And events! Events seems like what blogs do to bring everyone in their communities together and monetize a bit. We are bringing great speakers and experts from around together for our third annual Cross Border Summit in Shenzhen China April 20-21, 2018. This has been n the works for over six months and we are less than 2 month away now.

Because events have been so popular, we have a new initiative – Round Tables. Small events of max  10 business people in the cross border ecommerce industry to meet in Shenzhen China in our studio. We’ll try to get a good mix of Chinese suppliers and ecommerce sellers and make some deals. Friday afternoons starting March 9.

And all this content has created other businesses, my HK CPA partner Ray and I are doing HK and China business registration services – the GFA content has generated a lot of interest for  that, and the Amazon FBA business Para Living has come from the ecommerce and events.

So ya, probably just overwhelmed you with everything – but my passion is in content creation and connecting business people across borders. Well, really not a fan of borders (made me have to leave my wife behind on this last USA trip) – I’m more a fan of bringing talented people from around the world together to create value. A business connector and content creator.

Always open to find ways to make business with you – and because so many people are confused what I actually do for work –  thought today would be a good chance to catch ya’ll up!

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