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Do you listen? Do you learn? Do you grow?
A new thing?
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We are entering a new phase here at Global From Asia. This is the week of Cross Border Summit – our annual conference – and the third annual. Think by the third time of something you kind of get the “gist” and things kind of flow. But keep pushing the limits with more international speakers and more international attendees – seriously upgraded from last year.
The pressure is on.
But without pressure, we wouldn’t have a chance to set yourself up to make something great. To make a difference. It is much easier to just lay low and not push your boundaries – and pushing boundaries is something we must do regularly.
So I am trying my best to listen this week. See what people like, what they don’t like. Both as a participant of the conference as well as just the industry and situation in general.
Politics in this space has gotten really hot. Tariffs and potential wars. My wife Wendy has had the TV on a bit watching Syria news and predicting what could possibly happen to the global economic environment.
Walls are definitely going up instead of coming down. It has been a trend we have been seeing for the past couple years and it is scary and sad. We are all just humans in the end right?
So I am really working hard to listen – to the global news, to the participants of this year’s conference, to the possible changes in the cross border business community, and will learn.
And always we grow. Pushing the limits with this kind of a conference, and then listening to people and learning – we come out with a lot of new business growth initiatives. And we are prepared.
With these rather unknown times in the global economy, I am going to try to stick to the LLG model – listen, learn, and grow.
Write it down, sleep on it, and come out with an action plan for growth.

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