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My friend Wilson, met back in Startup Weekend China days in 2010/2011 timeframe and we’ve become good friends. He helped a lot organize a ton of those events, and has also helped me organize last year’s Cross Border Summit. All these years he has asked me to come visit him in his hometown in Chaozhou city – a couple hours train outside of Shenzhen.

He is doing great things with e-commerce and product branding and development. Talking about working together so I couldn’t delay a trip anymore. Got to see his kids, his operations, and get a great taste of the city. He’s looking to build US and EU distribution and looking for partners.

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  1. So interesting to finally see Wilson’s operations in detail.

    His place looks amazingly organised and clean… especially compared to all the others I have visited in Dongguan etc…

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      Ya, Russ – thanks man! There was so much to record but didn’t want this to be a 20 min v-log!

      Wilson appreciates your connections and help too!

      Mike Michelini

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